Advantages And Disadvantages Of Infinity Pools

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By Adrian Cruce

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Infinity Pools

Even though infinity pools seem to be the latest trend in terms of swimming pools, the design is not actually new. In fact, it is believed that the first infinity pools were installed at the Palace of Versailles in the 1400s. These days infinity pools can be seen in luxury resorts that are surrounded by majestic natural landscapes or at the top floor of high buildings with stunning cityscape views. However, during the past few years, infinity pools started to make an appearance in people’s backyards. If there’s one thing everybody can say about infinity pools is that they are breathtaking.

What infinity pools can do and another type of pools cannot is the illusion that the pool merges with the horizon. They can change a boring spot into a scenic oasis. Nevertheless, when they are combined with a beautiful view or the skyline, it’s when they reach their true potential. The advantages are pretty obvious even though there are some you’re probably not aware of but, sadly, there are some disadvantages as well. Since we always want to help you make an informed decision, we decided to discuss both the advantages and disadvantages of infinity pools in this post. Not only that, but we also included information about how the infinity pools work, the price, and the process of installing them. Knowing these things will definitely give you a better understanding of what infinity pools require.

How Do Infinity Pools Work

Also known as infinity edge pools or negative edge pools, infinity pools are the most popular types of pools on the market today. The secret behind them? One or more of the infinity pools walls are at the same level as the water, not above it as in the case of traditional ground pools. The disappearing wall or walls blend with the surroundings making it look like the pool is flowing into the landscape. The water flows over the edge creating a waterfall effect.

To make all this magic happen, infinity pools have a holding tank or a catch pool where the water that flows over the edge goes. The holding tank is situated beneath the edge and collects water that is then pumped back into the infinity pool. So it’s not magic but the appearance is definitely magical.

These pools gained a lot of popularity during the recent years and they are usually found in luxury resorts and hotels around the world. However, infinity pools can be installed in people’s homes as well. Your home needs to meet some mandatory requirements but it can definitely be done.  

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Is Your Place Suitable For An Infinity Pool?

While you don’t need to live on the top floor of the tallest building in town or to have a huge backyard with a beautiful panorama to look at, you still need a lot of space for an infinity pool. Thus, if you have a small backyard, the size of an infinity pool can be problematic. You need space for the holding tank and if you don’t have enough space you might be forced to take away from the size of the pool itself, which will make the pool less impressive.

If space is not a problem for you, you can definitely get rid of the old swimming pool and install an infinity pool. The beauty and elegance are guaranteed by it.  

Installing An Infinity Pool

Since you have to install the catch pool underneath the infinity pool to catch water and pump it back in the main pool, installing an infinity pool is not a straightforward process as the one of installing regular swimming pools is.

Infinity pools need to be installed partially or completely above ground so you’ll need a special support mechanism to make them secure. However, there’s also an advantage here – since there is a catching pool underneath and you can create the waterfall effect with this type of pool, you can install it on sloping ground. It actually adds to the visual effect in this way. The supportive structure in this case really has to be capable to hold the pool securely. The support mechanism you should be looking for is created for infinity pools in particular and they resemble a ribcage-like system.

Despite being a very good option for difficult places, you’ll need to hire an expert to do the work. Infinity pools installation usually require the help of an engineer to assess the hydraulics and to determine what type of supporting mechanism to use to ensure durability.

The best way to get yourself an infinity pool is to hire a company of pool installers that have experience with these types of pools. This step is crucial since the expertise of the engineer and the actual team of people working to install the pool makes a huge difference in the end result.

How Much Does An Infinity Pool Cost

If you dream of having an infinity pool in your backyard, you probably know that you’ll have to pay more for it than you would for a traditional swimming pool. The installation process and the actual pool will cost you more than a typical fiberglass pool. However, the prices are competitive compared to concrete pools designed for difficult sites.

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In general, the cost of an infinity pool project rages between $65,000 and $105,000. So pretty much double, or in some cases more than double, the budget you need for a regular pool project. When you think about it this actually makes sense considering you’re not building one but two pools even though the end result only shows the beautiful disappearing effect.

Another thing that affects the price: the special edge of the swimming pool – there are different options here and, depending on what you choose, you can pay less or more for the infinity pool.

The size of the negative edge doesn’t affect the price that much. A 6-meter disappearing edge will cost pretty much the same as a 9-meter one; however, if the negative edge includes a corner then the price can go up.

Pros And Cons Of Infinity Pools

Let’s sum up what we discussed so far to see what are the advantages and disadvantages of infinity pools.

Pros Of Installing An Infinity Pool

The obvious pro is that infinity pools offer a unique vision and amazing views of the surroundings. No other pool can create the same magical environment.

Another advantage of infinity pools is that they are easier to maintain than traditional pool since the water is cleaned and filtered constantly thanks to the filtration system that pumps the water from the catch pool to the main pool.  This means you don’t have to worry about the maintenance of an infinity pool as often as the maintenance of a traditional pool.

When it doesn’t pump water into the main pool, the catch pool can be used a swimming pool for kids. Since the catch pool is usually 1/3 of the size of the infinity pool, it’s actually great for children.

Cons of Installing an Infinity Pool

The biggest con is definitely the price. It’s mandatory to have a second pool and, depending on the number of negative edges you want, the cost can increase.

Infinity pools are spectacular because they are surrounded by spectacular landscapes or views. If your backyard doesn’t have a beautiful landscape, the infinity pool won’t so spectacular.

Infinity pools are more dangerous than standard pools due to their exposed edge or edges. Accidents and falls that can result in injury are more likely to happen in infinity pools than in traditional pools. However, this doesn’t mean these accidents are common.

Overall, infinity pools are a good option if you have the space, the money, and the view for infinity pools. If not, there are plenty of resorts and hotels around the world where you can enjoy them.