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Cheap Chairs

If you’re on a tight budget but looking for a stylish chair without breaking it, check out this Markus chair. While its design may not be breathtakingly attractive, its quality construction and ergonomic features reduce RSI risk considerably.

Cheaper chairs typically require more assembly, as they come shipped disassembled to keep prices down. Unfortunately, this can often prove tedious when parts don’t always fit well together and take more time than anticipated to put together.


When shopping for an inexpensive chair to use at work or home, comfort should always come first. An ergonomic seat will alleviate discomfort while decreasing risk for musculoskeletal issues caused by prolonged sitting. Furthermore, your chosen chair should be easy to maintain; otherwise it could easily become damaged with use or break down regularly preventing optimal performance from the chair.

The best cheap chairs are constructed from sturdy materials that will withstand your weight without becoming unsupportive or saggy over time. In addition, these budget chairs often include adjustable armrests that allow you to find the most comfortable position for your arms, and some even recline so you can relax or read in comfort while reading on them! Ensure the chair supports your spine, too – such chairs may even feature curved backs!

An ergonomic chair will ease strain on your body, helping prevent future musculoskeletal issues. They’re designed to promote good posture and reduce fatigue while encouraging healthy movement throughout the day – yet for those on tight budgets it may be hard to afford the higher prices associated with top-rated ergonomic chairs on the market.

Though not as ergonomic as Herman Miller Aeron or Eurotech Vera chairs, Secretlab Titan Evo offers a comfortable experience at a lower cost. It comes equipped with seat sliders to find your optimal foot positioning as well as built-in lumbar support to prevent stiff backs.

Even though boucle may have seen better days, this Yaheetech Accent Barrel Chair is too cute not to include. With its soft boucle fabric providing comfort while adding visual intrigue and texture to any room, its barrel-shaped frame gives a timeless “villa by the sea” aesthetic that’s hard to pass up!


Cheap chairs tend to be made of low-grade materials that break or crack with use and maintenance. Their lifespan depends on factors like usage pattern and wear-and-tear habits – an office worker wearing slacks would likely cause less wear-and-tear to their chair than an on-site construction supervisor who may wear dirty jeans and carry sharp tools in his tool belt.

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Ergonomic chairs not only offer more comfort and promote better blood flow and posture; but their longevity is also determined by design. Low quality chain store chairs don’t factor these factors into their design and don’t last as long as higher quality ergonomic models.

Another method for gauging chair lifespan is looking at its annual costs. A lower-priced chair might save upfront, but you will probably end up replacing it multiple times over its lifespan, which makes investing a little extra in higher-quality models more cost-effective over time.

As chair prices increase, they often feature longer-lasting features. For instance, Eurotech Vera chairs (Buy on BTOD) come with five years of foam and fabric coverage as well as heavier weight capacities and increased usage ratings; Herman Miller Aeron chairs (Refurbished on BTOD) may even come with 12-years coverage on all components!

Performance: Assembling the Mavix Vantum requires some assembly work, but not too much. Instructions are straightforward and all components fit seamlessly together – the only real downside being its awkward wheelbase that needs to be navigated across various surfaces.

The Mavix Vantum office chair is an economical option that’s sure to deliver in terms of comfort. While not as stylish, this option still offers great value at its price point.


Homall S-Racer chairs are an affordable solution that combine style and function. Although not the most comfortable chair available, their aesthetic makes them attractive enough to sell at less than $100 and often features wide bucket seats with enough room to sit. Stability on uneven floors should also not be an issue; though some design issues remain. Lumbar bar placement could use improvement; also assembly instructions don’t make clear which way tilt-tension piece needs to be attached under seat; there’s an arrow printed onto it which is difficult to see and could cause malfunction resulting in poor functioning chairs if installed incorrectly resulting in malfunction of both.

Consider durability when purchasing an inexpensive chair. Cheap chairs may be made from lower quality materials that lead to cracking, breaking and warping issues; additionally they often have lower usage ratings and warranties than pricier office chairs which tend to last longer with more frequent usage – although their higher price tags might mean you save money in the long run by cutting replacement costs.

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If you’re on a tight budget but still want to add style to your living space, online offers numerous affordable solutions. For instance, Rachel Ashwell-style dining chairs featuring slim wooden legs can be purchased for under $200; modern upholstered dining chairs featuring basketweave slub ash fabric fabric come in under $250; for something tropical with flair consider this velvety scoop chair that comes in various colors and patterns at under $300 each.


Most reputable vendors and manufacturers provide at least a one-year warranty on their products, meaning that any chair which exhibits structural defects beyond normal wear and tear within one year from purchase will be repaired or replaced at no cost to the buyer, with some manufacturers asking customers to donate or throw away their old chair as part of this exchange process.

Examine the length and exclusions of any warranty before purchasing a chair. A longer warranty indicates a firmer commitment from their supplier; shorter ones tend to come from newly formed import companies who lack confidence in their quality to provide extended coverage.

Finding affordable office chairs with solid warranties is easiest when purchasing them from an authorized local dealer. Such dealers tend to be more reliable than online retailers and will have physical locations where you can return or exchange products if they do not suit you – take a look at Steelcase’s list of authorized sellers or Herman Miller outlets near you to locate one near you.

When purchasing cheap chairs online from retailers like Trustpilot or ResellerRatings, make sure you read through all of the fine print carefully before making your decision. Most sites will require return shipping costs as well as restocking fees if your mind changes or the chair does not meet your needs. If unsure whether a website is reliable, try searching Trustpilot or ResellerRatings reviews.

As part of your price comparison process, it can also be helpful to think ahead to how much money will be spent per year on a chair. To do this, enter both minimum and maximum prices into the “Price per Item” filter on each product page’s left-side sidebar.

Keep in mind that cheaper office chairs tend to be of lower quality and may not last very long, saving both money and reducing landfill waste. Instead, investing in higher quality chairs could end up saving more in the long run.