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How To Clean Unglazed Porcelain Tile Floors

Unglazed porcelain tile flooring may seem really hard to clean but that is not the case in the event that you know what to do. There is a really simple technique that can help you to remove the stubborn dirt and stains that appear on such tiles. You just need to take advantage of an acidic or alkaline cleaner. The tools needed are plastic gloves and a nonabrasive, soft scrub pad. After you get all these, you will have to follow these really simple 2 steps.

Making Sure You Have Unglazed Porcelain

As a homeowner, the possibility that you can instantly figure out what type of flooring you have is low. Because of this, the very first step when learning how to clean unglazed porcelain tile floors is to make sure that this is exactly what the floor is.

For starters, glazed porcelain is normally featuring veining patterns or complex designs that are only possible when dealing with glaze or baked finish. It is normal to doubt your initial assessment so you can easily let water to sit on tiles for over 5 minutes. Then, wipe it off. In the event that tiles are then darkened, you are faced with tiles that are most likely unglazed.

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How To Clean The Unglazed Porcelain Tiles

You want to clean the glazed porcelain tiles in a similar way to how you will clean the ceramic tiles. Unglazed tiles are a little more difficult. We do not have a standard set in the industry that governs the quality of such porcelain. Because of this, you have to be completely sure that you know what you deal with. Take a cleaning product that is aimed for such a tile and use it just on the tiles that are not visible. Use scrub pads with caution so that tiles are not scratched. Look and see if cleaners cause damage or discoloring. If so, you will need less strong cleaning products.

A nonabrasive, soft scrub bad that is combined with a really high quality alkaline cleaner is the initial combination that you want in order to dissolve dirt, grime and grease. If smudges are still there, you have a hazy appearance or a swipe mark, grout haze leftover might exist. If this is the situation, there is a pretty good possibility that acidic cleaners are necessary as you want to initially remove the grout haze. Just as before, test it on tiles that are not visible.

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