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Designing Ideas for Couples

Moving in with your significant other may seem an exciting experience. However, there are certain challenges like choosing between timber and vinyl flooring that can make or break the relationship. Finding common ground on the final style or look can bring an onslaught of disagreements, frustrations and disappointments from both of you. Fortunately, you can make the transition less painful and stressful by considering the following designing tips for couples:


By Brian Gurrola under CC BY-SA 2.0
By Brian Gurrola under CC BY-SA 2.0



The furniture
Do you have furniture that you can’t let go just yet? There are different ways you make it match with the entire style concept of your new home. If you are going with retro inspired living space, you can repaint the cabinet from natural wood to red. In case that both of you have too many furniture, it is recommended that you choose what is functional and toss the unnecessary. You can also have them repurposed.

Your decorations versus his sports memorabilia
Even if you are a couple, chances are that you will have conflicting interests. For instance, you love high-end fashion while he loves basketball. Mixing these two polar opposite interests can definitely be a challenging task. So, it is ideal that each of you have designated areas to show-off your interests. Keep in mind that there are certain items that you should put inside the bedroom.

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Personal area
Many couples believe that the concept of moving together is to eliminate privacy. On the contrary, it is about living comfortably together as a couple. If there are extra rooms in your abode, it is ideal to occupy them where each of you can have your own personal space. This way, you and your partner have the freedom to express and control the design of the room. For small living spaces, a room divider can be sufficient to provide privacy.

The flooring
Before you decide on the colour scheme of your abode, make sure that you consider the type of flooring that you have. For wooden floors like timber flooring, it is ideal to choose white and cream for the walls. This way, the unique appeal of the wooden panels can be showcased.

The colour scheme
Guys love darker and manly hues such as blue and black while ladies choose striking colour texture like yellow and purple. To find common ground, the preferred colours should be mix and matched. Keep in mind that neutral colours such as black and white should always be used as the background. On the other hand, bold and vibrant hues should only be used as an accent. You can always lean towards unisex colours if you really can’t agree with the colour choices.

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Moving in together may seem an easy transition. But, it can take a while before you can get used to her feminine decors or his sports memorabilia. The key to have a functional space that both of you can enjoy is compromise. Consider the following designing tips for comfortable living as a couple.