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The DIY methods of Carpet Cleaning

Most of the Carpet kings discourage the concept of “do it yourself” cleaning of carpets as it might develop various problems due to improper steps of cleaning. However, most of the home-owners undertake about forty two percent of the cleaning process themselves. The warranty by the manufacturer is not rendered void if you clean the carpet yourself. But, improper processes of cleaning may hamper the warranty. Various problems might develop due to the “do it yourself” concept. You should be aware of such problems and thus follow all the directions very carefully. If you do not follow the directions, it may cause growth of moulds, mildew or even back separation. The most common issues which occur while the DIY process; include oversetting as well as use of detergents in excess amount.


Recognized methods of carpet cleaning

There are 5 most common methods of Carpet cleaning which have been recognized, but out of them only 3 are advisable for use by the consumers. Additionally, in case professional carpet cleaning is performed, these 3 methods are only used. The rotary shampoo and bonnet may prove to be very harsh on the cut-pile fabric and their usage is thus discouraged.

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Hot Water Extraction

This is one of the most common methods for cleaning carpets. A number of Hot Water extraction units are available in the market for consumers. The Hoover extraction units are quite popular in this category. Bissell is also a renowned name in this category. However, the results of cleaning vary highly on the basis of the processes of cleaning the carpets and also the degree of soiling of the carpet.


Dry Carpet Cleaning
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Dry powder cleaning

The dry powder cleaning method is yet another very popular procedure of cleaning the carpet. This method makes use of the organic powder which is saturated along with detergents. Host and capture are some of the popular names in this category.

Common Issues to be Careful about

The carpet needs to dry up within 8 hours of cleaning. If the carpet remains wet for more than eight hours, there are chances of mildew or mould growth. In case the carpet over saturates use a wet pick vacuum cleaner for removing the excess moisture. You can use fans for drying the carpet fast. Heat, ventilation and AC should be kept on till the carpet dries out completely.

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Excess use of detergents is also a very common problem which occurs while the do it yourself process of the cleaning process. Using excess detergent beyond the recommendation does not enhance the effectiveness of the cleaning process; rather it causes harm to the carpet. In case you use a stronger concentration of detergent than the recommended amount, it leaves excess residues of detergent on the carpet. This may cause the resoling of carpet rapidly.

Various other common issues which you may face while the cleaning process include, improper solutions prepared for cleaning the carpet. Many of them may even contain chemical components which hamper the stain resistant treatment, many of them may include the bleach agents, and some may contain the optical brightening components. You should never use the laundry detergents for cleaning the carpets as most of the detergents for cleaning laundry contain the Optical brighteners. 


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