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How To Fix A Broken Window Cheaply

When a window is broken, the repair is usually quite expensive. If you opt for the services of a professional, the fix is so much even more expensive. The good news is that you can fix your window alone. All that you really need is some cheap materials that are available in various stores. The instructions that are necessary are offered below.

Removing Glass

Removing Glass

For starters, you need to see how the frame is fastened to the window pane. Before glazing compound (sometimes paint), you have glazier’s points that were tapped right into the frame. Silicone caulk or latex need to be removed. It is not at all difficult to remove glazing compound. All you need to do is use your putty knife. In most cases it will come off in really large chunks. Glazier’s points can be removed with a flat-head thin screwdriver.

With the use of thick gloves, remove glass. Use razors or chisels in order to scrape down frame section, the one from which you removed glazier’s points and compounds. Never gauge wood.

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Use fine grit sandpaper in order to sand down the wood and then use clear sealer or linseed oil in order to seal the wood.

Cutting The Glass

Cutting The Glass

When cutting glass, there are 2 available options. Many of the shops that sell glass will allow you to cut glass to the desired, exact size you need. Use a measuring tape or a straight edge in order to take horizontal and vertical measurements in the area where the glass fits. Subtract one eight inches from the measurement that is used in order to get glass size.

The alternative option is to use a metal square or straight edge in order to incise one line on the glass with the use of your glass cutter. Make sure that you always wear thick leather gloves, long sleeves and safety glasses. Slide your glass along your table in order to get to the point of the scribed line. Make sure that the waste part of the glass is carefully cut off.

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Putting The Glass In Place

Putting The Glass In Place

Roll out glazing putty into thin lines and push them into each window frame size in the area where the window is to rest. Place the glass inside the frame, resting it on the putty. Use the putty knife and push 2 glazier’s points into the frame’s bottom. If extra force is necessary, you can tap the knife’s handle with a mallet made out of rubber. Add extra glazier’s points after that.

Glazing compound should be rolled between hands and right into thin ropes. Force them on the frame’s sides. The rope should be forced farther into L Channels with the knife at angles of 45 degrees. As soon as the glazing compound dries and is hard, paint the exterior with suitable paint and you are done.