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Grow Your Own Pesticide-Free Food in Your Home

You have the most beautiful front garden and back yard. They have each taken years to create. One of the nice things is that you have done it all yourself because you have been on a tight budget.

Over the years you have created some fantastic flower borders and a rockery around the garden pool that now attracts a countless number of insects, wildlife and you even have fish in the pond. Around your barbecue area you have placed a number of garden beds to section off the area. You have also used garden beds around your swimming pool and planted some delightful coloured flowers in them.

The one thing that you have not grown in your back yard has been vegetables or fruit. You have always been concerned that, if vegetables were grown outside, they would be attacked by various bugs and insects. The solution would be to use pesticides to spray on the vegetables that would kill any unwanted bugs and insects but you only eat organic food so this would be against your principals.

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Growing your fruits and vegetables free from pests

For some reason, you had never thought of using garden beds. These can be raised off the ground to keep many of the bugs off the vegetables so they may provide a solution. However, a number of bugs and insects will still be able to get at the vegetables and fruit trees contained in your garden beds. Therefore, you could perhaps place netting over the garden beds that contain the vegetables to add further protection but this would still not provide a perfect solution as very small bugs and insects could get through the smallest of mesh sizes.

By Arnaud 25 (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
By Arnaud 25 (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

There is another option and that is to grow your vegetables in your home where you will not get any bugs or, indeed, as many insects being able to get at and damage your vegetables that you have spent so long nurturing. This means you would not need to spray the vegetables with any pesticides, thus maintaining your wish to only eat organically grown food.

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You will, however, need to grow the vegetables indoors in suitable containers and could use plant pots that could be described as the indoor equivalent of garden beds. Not only can you grow a variety of vegetables in these plant pots, but you can even grow something like a fruit tree in a large pot and place it in your conservatory – perhaps an apple, plum or pear tree. You could even consider growing tomatoes.

There is a wide selection of vegetables that can be grown in plant pots including carrots, potatoes, lettuce, peas, cabbage and more. Once you get your undoubted creative mind working you will come up with numerous other options.

You can get different varieties of plant pots and garden beds to choose either online or at your local garden centre. And you can even ask for some advice from which would be the most suitable vegetables and fruit to grow in the plant pots.