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Hotel Restoration: Important Tips for Great Results

Purchasing a hotel and making it your own is a great business investment. Once you find the right hotel located in a great location, you might want to do some restoration work before you can open for business. You might want the new hotel to reflect the brand you are building and this is why careful consideration should go into the hotel restoration. To ensure you get the best result, we are going to look at some tips that will help you get the results you are going for.

Make the Most Use of the Space Available

Apart from its location, there is little you cannot change about the hotel apart from its location. The shapes and sizes of the rooms you offer can be adjusted to suit different types of visitors. The rooms should be remodeled and adjusted to make the most use of the space available by having decent-sized rooms without wasting any space.

You might need to hire a designer who can transform your hotel and ensure you maximize the amount of usable and profitable space you end up with.

Restoration Calls for Fixing All Major Problems

Large and older buildings like hotels can come with a few hidden problems that you need to deal with before you open for business. Common areas that might need some attention include the floors, roof, walls, and plumbing. These are all critical areas that will need to be checked and any repairs done as soon as possible.

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Ensuring that your hotel is secure and reliable for your residents is one of the best ways to maximize your profits. In doing so, a full property inspection will come in handy so that the contractor you hire for the renovation will not miss any major repairs.

Hiring the Right Contractor

If the hotel you are interested in is old, it is also important to call a contractor who can identify and take care of common issues that come with older buildings. One of the most common issues in older buildings is lead paints. Lead-based paints are very harmful and you need contractors with the right certifications to ensure they remove the lead paint without too much disturbance.

There are different certification types depending on whether you need the contractor to check the presence of these paints or to remove the paints once you confirm they were used on your building. So, ensure the contractor you hire has the right certifications so that you can avoid both fines and causing harm to the contractor and anyone they might work with during the restoration.

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Special Note: You will surely need the services of a local house inspector. With this in mind, it is a good idea to hire a contractor that already has a relationship with such specialists.

Get the Decorations Right

Once you have a great space, the number of rooms you need while maximizing usable space, and have fixed all major problems, the next area to look at is your decorations. Decorations create the hotel’s environment and can be a factor in how well your hotel is received and perceived by potential guests.

While you can find inspiration in how other hotels handle their decorations, you can still go your own way with fresh neutral colors, the use of different decorating materials and decor as well as furnishings.

Restoring a hotel is a grand project that should be taken seriously. Although there are a lot of things you can do to end up with a hotel that a lot of people will love staying in, there are a few of these that have a bigger impact than others. Focus on those first to open your doors as soon as possible.

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