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How to put your mark on a rented home

There is nothing worse than moving into a rental apartment and not making any changes to the décor, unless you’re only staying for a few weeks.  The chances are, you have at least a six month lease, so you really should make your mark on the place, and turn it into a home. It’s your home, so make sure that you put your stamp on it.


Be Creative

Moving into a rented property can be limiting in terms of what you can do to the interior décor.  Many properties are already nicely decorated in neutral shades, and if you’re lucky enough to have found a landlord with good taste, the chances are that the furniture is also fairly appealing.  But it can be nice to stamp some of your own personality on a room, and a great way to do this is by getting creative.  Invest in a sewing machine or borrow one from a friend, and head online to purchase some fabric.  There are many websites selling quirky and unusual fabrics at great prices, and you can use your fabric for any number of home accessories.  Think curtains, cushion covers, throws, bed covers and even tea towels.  For a stylish look, create matching curtains and cushion covers for your living room in vibrant shades that will contrast with the neutral décor your landlord has already put in place.

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By Visitor7 (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
By Visitor7 (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Throw a House Warming Party

It’s probably not the best idea to throw a massive party in your new property – you don’t want to risk damaging anything that belongs to your landlord.  But a civilised dinner party or movie night is a great idea – ask friends to bring some nibbles or housewarming gifts.  By having those you love over for the evening, your rental house will soon start to feel like home.  The most elegant house is no good if you have no-one to share it with.


Lighten up!

Switching the landlord’s slightly boring beige lampshades for something a bit more exciting is a great way to add some of your personal style to your rented property.  Industrial chic steel pendant lamps and designer halogen chandeliers add a funky 21st century vibe which will create a great focal point in any room.  It’s never a good idea to install any new lighting that requires re-wiring; after all, it’s not your property.  You can play around with mood lighting by adding a table lamp, standard lamp or reading lamp to your room – these can be turned on or off individually to create the right level of light for your mood.

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Remember moving into a new home(even temporarily) should be a positive, exciting new experience.  It should by no means be a daunting procedure.  It’s what you make of it. Home is where the heart is, so take your home with you and liven up your new property.

It’s easy to make your rental house feel like home by following these simple tips.  Now sit back, relax and enjoy living in your new property!

Author: Daniel O’Keffee – Follow him on Google+.