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How to Treat Your Garden During the Summer

So you’re wondering how to treat garden during the summer? This is a common question asked by people across the globe. Studies say that consistent heat during the summer season can adversely affect the growth of grass plants. Let’s see the various tips to control the drying of the grass during the summer season. If you are a garden owner and wish to maintain a healthy and nourished lawn, it is advised to cut the grass every two weeks. Mowing the lawn too short can prevent the normal growth of plants. Hence it is advised not to mow the lawn too short during the summer season. To get a more attractive look, do not hesitate to trim the grass using an edging iron.

Obviously, if you cannot care for lawn, the best thing you can do is to opt for synthetic, fake lawn. Nowadays, it can look great if installed properly. But back to the real grass…

Feeding and conditioning plays an important role in enhancing the appearance of the garden. To keep your garden green and healthy, it is recommended to apply a feed regularly. Generally the feed can be applied directly after mowing. For best results, never hesitate to water plants in conjunction with proper feeding. To improve the growth of the plants, never hesitate to aerate soil with the help of a garden fork. Small patches of weeds are quite common in the garden. Today, there are many weed killers available in online stores. If you wish to own a green garden without weeds, try to select an efficient weed killer that won’t cease the growth of the plants.

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Similar to the presence of weeds, chewed lawn root is another common problem reported by gardeners. At present, you can easily control this trouble with the help of nematodes. At times, light watering may encourage the growth of roots to the ground surface of soil. To avoid this condition, gardeners are advised to water plants thoroughly during the summer season. The dryness of soil is a major factor affecting the normal growth of grass during summer. Hence it is very essential to water plants daily during sunny days.

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Grass growth is generally slow during the dry weather condition. As said earlier, it is generally advised to mow grasses every two weeks. At times, weak and short grass may not be able to compete with growing weeds and moss. Hence make sure that you do not mow the lawn very short. To get the best results, try to trim one third of the grass surface layer.

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As per research, it is found that grass grows slowly and weeds grow quickly during the summer. This condition can be controlled by applying a thick layer of compost around grass plants. To enhance the growth of grass plants, make sure that the soil is moist and filled with micronutrients. Apart from nourishing soil surface, it is also advised to keep an eye on insect infestations on grasses. If possible, try to leave a small gap around the roots for proper air circulation. A green garden is one of the best places to host parties during the summer. If you own a green garden, never hesitate to choose it as a site to host parties.