By Adrian Cruce

Inexpensive Ways to Get More Use Out of Your Shed or Outdoor Room

Sheds are great for people that want to store different items but although these are perfect for the home’s entire organizational system, in most cases homeowners do not think much about how to maximize the space. If you have a shed or an outdoor room and you use them for storing various miscellaneous things like tools, shovels, rakes or lawn mowers, you do want such a space to be properly organized. Here are some cheap and great ways in which you can do that.

DIY Shelving

Whenever limited space is present, one of the first things to consider is adding DIY shelving. This allows you to take advantage of the space that you usually neglect: the wall. The entire shed is going to look more spacious and you do not need much to build a really sturdy shelf. Cut plywood in suitable pieces based on available are. Make the shelf deeper when you need to store more. Wood screws are usually all you need in order to make the shelves stay in place.

Hanging Jar Organizers

You often have various different small items in a shed like tacks, nails and screws. They are small and you can so easily lose them when they lie on the floor. Solve this problem by hanging them in a simple jar system with one jar for every item type. Jars that have screw tops are all that you need. You can place them on shelves and whenever you need something, you open the suitable jar.

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Gardening Organizer

It is usually a little difficult to organize yard tools like shovels and pitchforks. Most people just keep them on the floor in a pile or put placed up with the wall as support. Creating your very own organizer is usually all that you need to do. Carve some divots into planks that would allow the tool to perfectly fit. Screw that wood directly into the wall. If you want the organizer to be even better, use labels for every tool.

Tool Storage Pegboards

Pegboards are great when you want to hold shed supplies. Every supply can be accessed and found with ease while the floor is freed up. You want to cut the pegboard at the right size and then mount to wall studs with the use of lathe screws. You can consider normal screws but if you are to store heavy items, the lathe option is better. Hooks can then be put into the holes and you get even more storage space for baskets, drills or other tools.

Organizers For Hoses And Cords

As you are organizing the shed one of the very last things you want to think about is how to deal with tangled hoses and cords on your floors. To solve this you just need to use shelving units, PVC pipes or hooks. The main idea here is to have a hook that is well fastened to your wall. A hose hook is just around $7.

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Storage Boxes For Chemicals

Different chemicals tend to make their way towards a shed and you do not even realize it when you have a pile that is completely disorganized with pesticide spray, weed killers, paints and more. The one thing that the substances have in common is that they are toxic. This is why you want to properly store them. A great way to do this is to have storage boxes dedicated to them. Also, you can use storage containers to be sure the chemicals are always safe. You can even buy heavy duty plastic bins. Just be sure you consider the following:

  • Chemicals should remain in original containers and stored together in just one place.
  • Never let them in sunlight or close to children and pets.
  • As you store fuel and fertilizer, do be sure ventilation is proper and the two are not too close to each other.

The bottom line is that sheds do not necessarily need to be beautiful. They have to be organized. All the ideas help you with that.