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Inspirations for a Teenage Boys Room Decor

When first thinking of a teenage boy’s room no amount or type of wall decor seems to be appropriate. Just keep it white or black and they will be happy, they don’t seem to care much nor do they spend much time admiring their walls; decor is the least they can care about usually. Even though all this is true for most boys it is still important to invest in the decor for their room to actually create an interest for them, a good decor can affect their mood and have them spend much positive time in their room. Take a look into these following few ideas which may inspire teenage boy:

A wall covered by music records and poster might just be the ideal inspiration a boy needs. Depending on the age and amount of interest I would suggest hanging up old style music records and labels but a contemporary rap lover may not be so in to the old is gold style. The boy’s interest and favourites should be understood before beginning and keep in mind props such as guitars and pianos etc. which can be hung up or tilted against a wall. Shelves can hold cassettes and CDs along with amplifiers and speakers. Get some cheap canvas prints made of favourite artists and hang them up for a complete classic theme. Music is also important for teen boys and most instruments decorate within room and a specific space kept for that purpose.

  • Movie or Comics Enthusiast
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Teenage boys are mostly into the horror genre or animation and a wall covered up with similar framed pictures is the way to go to create something colourful, lively and highly entertaining. The theme can even be topped off with props such as a blood Chucky doll hanging from the ceiling. Comics in pop art with highlighted dialogues can also be framed or printed as canvas pictures to add to the touch. Frames do not have to be monochromatic, the more the variety the better it is. Add in splashes of colour or if you are in artist go wild with graffiti, just even allow the boy to go abstract with spray paint. Amazing feeling of those boys which interesting horror type movies and they hanging posters on wall for that movies and imaged that they become heroes of movie. So they decorated room walls with specific movie images.

  • Sports Inspired

Most boys are into sports and hanging a basketball hoop or a dart board could be the most exciting thing for them. To avoid damaging the wall behind stuck some thick card board. Further a showcase shelve can be created to hold autographs of famous sports players or even balls used in different sports and shirt numbers of famous players can even be hanged. Even a boy’s own sporting equipment can be decorated on floating shelves which will also serve as storage space while their pictures can also be hung on canvas while playing the sport!  Mostly boys interesting in sports and they make a small space within room for sports purpose and decorate a room with latest trips and tricks.

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