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By Adrian Cruce

How To Properly Install Deadbolts

When we talked about cheap and effective home security systems, we did mention deadbolts. Installing them can aid as a part of your home security system and the truth is that it is not at all difficult to install a deadbolt. You just need some basic tools and the entire project will last around 1 hour. Those that have experience will be able to get it done even faster.

Make sure that you have a good electric drill that has spade bits and hole saws, tape measure, screwdrivers, a pencil, a chisel and a combination square before you start. A deadbolt lock set will be included in what you buy. You have a template that will aid you with the measurements. The suitable sized drill bits have to be selected. However, most of the deadbolts will need a 2 and 1 eight inch hole saw for the body and a 1 inch spade for sliding bolt assemblies.

Deadbolt Fitting Steps:

  • Mark and measure 6 inches above your door handle’s centre.
  • Put a combination square right on the door’s edge and then draw a line that is perpendicular through marks, with a few inches beyond. Continue your line around door edge and then across door back, trying to finish in the exact location as line on opposite side.
  • The provided paper template has to be wrapped with your lock set around door edge. Make sure that the center line is properly aligned with door marks.
  • Use an awl or a nail in order to mark hole centers for the body of the lock on the door’s back and front areas.
  • Use your electric trill to create the holes for the body of the locks. Drill just halfway through 1 side and complete everything by cutting through the other side. That offers a finish that is much clearer. Always try to drill your holes as perpendicular as possible.
  • The spade bit has to be used to drill intersecting holes through edges, right into the lock body hole. This is critical and it needs to be perpendicular.
  • The bolt assembly has to be positioned inside the hole and then you need to trace around faceplate outside with the use of a pencil.
  • Remove your chisel and assembly and mortise deep so that the faceplate will sit flush on door edge. Start cutting around faceplate outline and then pare mortise. Tapp chisel with hammers and mallets as this offers control over your chisel.
  • As soon as your faceplate fits flushly, drill the 1/8 inch holes for the screws. Secure the bolt assembly.
  • Make sure that you fit outside lock body on the door’s outside in order to secure lock body inside with provided screws. All the screws have to be put on insides since this helps to not allow the screws to be opened from the outside.
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Fitting Strike Plates

  • Measure distances between door back and outer bolt assembly faceplate bolt. It is a measurement you have to write down so that you can find strike plate.
  • Close your door and then transfer centerline onto door jambs. Use square in order to continue the line right across door jamb face.
  • Use the door stop as starting point and mark measurement you recently took towards door jamb edge. That is exactly where the outer edge strike plate center is located.
  • Trace strike place outline onto door jams. Remove the jam and drill a one inch hole right into door jam for a sliding bolt.
  • Chisel mortise deep enough in order for strike plates to sit flush with door jam face.
  • Secure striker plates with the use of screws so you can test deadbolts for proper operation.