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Interior Design Tips for Kitchens – Paints the Space to Make it Feel Like a Happy Home

Looking for some interior design tips for your kitchen? I can give you lots of them! In the past, I worked as an interior designer in several residential homes. But for most rooms (including guest bathroom and laundry room) – I totally relied on my design skills alone. When should I rely on myself? When do I ask for help?

interior design tips

Interior design tips for kitchens include: Choose dark colors – especially if you have a large family. Avoid painting the backsplash or the wall behind the stove in the same color as the walls. Be sure to use non-slip tape on the counter tops and use kitchen mats for flooring. Try to include lots of the following design tips for kitchens:

  • * Choose fresh flowers for your “focal point”. Fresh flowers create a dramatic effect. But make sure you arrange them in such a way as to be the focus. Too many flowers on a countertop will overwhelm it. Use contrasting colour schemes – like one with dark blues and a lot of white, or with reds and pinks against a cream background.
  • * Be sure that the walls are painted correctly – with good quality paint. Some cheap quality paint jobs look very nice, but usually they show up images poorly or the colour scheme is wrong (compare an example picture of a house in a magazine to an interior design tip on this topic). Therefore, the walls must be the primary image credit in your space.
  • * Pick furniture carefully. The last interior design tips for kitchen recommend that you match the style of furniture with the style of space (for example a modern coffee table in a rustic room won’t look right if the space is furnished with a sofa and end tables in traditional French country design). For this tip, we are talking about the big picture – the pieces of furniture you actually use in your space. So first pick the chairs, tables, and shelving you will use – then choose a paint colour that will work well with them.
  • * Pick a colour that works well with the flooring you are using. This also works for all the interior design flowers you add. This interior design tip is especially important for kitchens, because the floor can easily become dirty with crumbs and grease from all the cooking food and pots and pans that end up on the floor. Make sure the colours of your walls and floors complement each other – the same goes for your flooring. You should think about colour themes – light, pastel colours tend to work well in spaces that are bigger than others, while darker colours might work better in small, intimate spaces. Use interior design tips for kitchens to make sure your space looks great from every angle.
  • * Wall sconces can make or break your spaces. Interior design tips for kitchens include finding a pair that is both elegant and functional. For instance, you might want a pair of wall sconces that have a lovely shade of blue, but they also light up your space with wall sconces that are either white or a warm shade of pink. In addition, wall sconces with beautiful antique-looking metal carvings can create a stunning effect on any space.
  • * The way your lighting matches your chosen wall colour is big interior design tips for kitchens tip. When you paint a space, choose a colour that complements the colours in the room – a nice warm orange in a blue-green room will be completely out of place. To make sure your rooms match well, find a lighting scheme that uses similar colour combinations – for instance, have one lighting source that is mostly in blue and another one in orange. This way, your space feels balanced and it looks like a happy home rather than a space that is out of place. And don’t forget to use colour to accentuate certain features, such as wood floors, stainless steel appliances, stone countertops and glass tiles – any colour that works well with the materials will work perfectly!
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