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By Adrian Cruce

Pet Safety at Home – Meningitis, Polirritmo, Mumps, Rubella, and Canine Distemper

Many of us have pets. We love them dearly and treat them with tenderness. They are not considered ‘toys’ by most people. Thus, the need to take pet safety in home very seriously has come up. Pets are part of the family and need to feel loved and cared for. Let’s explore pet safety at home further.

pet safety at home

Although many essential oils are sold as 100% pure, their concentrated contents can pose a danger to your pet and also can cause harm to the air sacs and lungs. That is, they can become toxic to feathered and pet-like friend. So, is it safe to use essential oils to care for pets at home? Absolutely!

There are animal medicines which can help you care for your pets. But, these medicines are very strong and can harm the pets. So, pet safety is very important. In fact, it is not a new concept. Ancient Egyptians used to feed their animals with strong essential oils and avoid them from contact with strong cleaning materials like paint, hard substances and so on.

Today, there are pet products that can help you handle the situation and keep your pet healthy and safe. However, the question remains – is it enough? Not necessarily. It is not always necessary to get your animals cured overnight. You need to make sure that the process of treatment goes smoothly and that the process kills all the germs, parasites, bugs and larvae within a specific period of time.

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You can use these pet safety sprays and candles to kill the insects, germs, pests and larvae inside your house and give your animals fresh clean air. These sprays and candles are made up of essential oils and are very strong. They contain natural essential oils which can be vaporized in a short period of time. These essential oils will kill all the harmful organisms, bugs, flies, and larvae present inside your house and give your animals fresh air. This is one of the most effective ways to get rid of all the harmful pests and also make your house safer for your pets.

Another way of pet safety at home is to make sure that your cats and dogs are treated well in the house. There are germs, mites and parasites inside your pets that can harm your pets if they remain untreated. These germs, mites and parasites are transferred through dust, secretions, urine, and dead animals. The moment you notice any of these symptoms in your pets, you should take them to the vet right away for proper treatments. Alternatively, you can treat your pets at a clinic or leave them at a daycare center when you leave for a long time. Pet clinics and daycare centers use special tools like dog daycare software to keep your dogs safe.

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Another important way of pet safety at home is to have the right vaccines for your pets. Each kind of vaccine has specific diseases and is dangerous to your animals if they are not vaccinated against these diseases. You should have your animals vaccinated with the latest feline and canine vaccines immediately after the detection of any kind of disease. If you have un-vaccinated animals, you should put them in the vets right away. Mumps and rubella are very contagious and can cause fatal conditions to your animals, so you should have your animals vaccinated right away.

There is another serious issue involved with the pandemic preparation. If your pets have contracted the pandemic virus, then there is a danger that they might catch the virus again if they touch the contaminated object or body of another animal. Therefore, you should clean all the contaminated items and your animals so that no contact with the virus occurs. You should take care that your animals are properly quarantined and treated if they suffer from any illness caused by the new pandemic strain.