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Really Inexpensive Remodeling Ideas For Bathrooms

Remodeling your bathroom is definitely not something that should take a huge chunk out of your budget. This is definitely something that all designers and architects will tell you but you rarely see mentions about the actual facts that you have to take into account. Because of that, let us give you a helping hand and showing you some really cheap remodeling ideas that you can use in practically any bathroom, no matter the home.

Limit Tile Usage

Limit Tile Usage

Installing tiles in your bathroom is something that easily brings in huge expenses. This is especially the case in the event that a contract is hired to lay out tiles. In order to save money, all you really need to do is use tiles just in areas that are of high impact like your floor. You do not necessarily need to also install the tiles on the inside area of the shower stall. One horizontal line along your rest and then painting the rest of the wall can be enough.

How To Save Money On Your Counter Tops

Counter Tops

You can easily spend money on granite countertops and go over your budget. Saving money is possible when you choose a color that is not neutral as such countertops will be cheaper. Then, consider purchasing counter tops that have small imperfections. You can easily cover them with the use of many different tricks. Alternatively, old dressers can be utilized as a sink pedestal.

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How To Save Money On Painting


Repainting the bathroom is really cost-effective to modify the entire appearance of the room. You can easily save cash just by repainting for a fresh look. However, you do end up wasting time. It is a really good idea to only start a project in the event that you actually manage to do everything as fast as possible. At the same time, we recommend that you always control mildew and mold as soon as it appears. Try to invest in high quality paint that has a satin finish in order to save money on the long run as you will not have to re-paint soon.

Updating The Little Details

bathroom fixtures update

Sometimes, updating some fixtures can bring in a great new look while costing a lot less than what you may imagine. For instance, you can easily update towel racks, sink faucets, drawer pulls and light fixtures without spending a lot of money. Such small modifications will have a huge impact on the overall look of the entire bathroom.

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Avoid Buying New Items

bathroom used fixtures

Instead of buying a brand new shower or a tub, you can save money through professional reline. Never do this with your shower and sink fixtures since it will be cheaper to completely replace them. If you have vintage bathroom fixtures, refinishing them through DIY refinishing kits available for the material that is used is a very good idea, one that will only cost around $150.

Buying Used Items

bathroom used items

It is interesting to notice that most people do not think about buying new items for their bathrooms. Why not since you can save a lot of cash, especially on items like toilets, tubs, sinks, mirrors and doors?