DIY Gardening Projects With Recycled Items


By Adrian Cruce

Recycled Items Inspiration For Gardening

Taking care of a garden shouldn’t be synonym with spending a lot of money on planters, tables, chairs and other garden furniture. With a little bit of creativity, enthusiasm and patience your backyard can become your very own recycling project. There are a variety of items you can use for creating functional items and various installations for your garden. Tires, bottles and wood pallets are just some old items you might have in your house that occupy your garage space.

  1. Old Tires – Colorful Planters

Old Tires Colorful Planters

Tires can become the focus point of attention if you paint them in bright colors and transform them into planters. You can also hang them on your fence if you don’t have a lot of space in the garden.

  1. Soda Bottles – Small Planters

Soda Bottles, Small Planters

Recycling soda bottles can help you build a vertical garden on the fence. You can paint the bottles to make the fence bright and colorful.

  1. Old Chandelier – New Planter For Hanging Plants

Old Chandelier – New Planter For Hanging Plants

An old chandelier can be painted and transformed into a beautiful planter for your hanging plants.

  1. Tree Log – New Planter Arrangement

Old Tree, New Planter Arrangement

A tree log can become a beautiful flower arrangement for your garden. The garden will look very stylish and the old dead tree has a new life.

  1. Old Bicycle – New Creative Planter

Old Bicycle Planter

An old bicycle that is not functioning anymore can be transformed into a beautiful support for some basket planters. If the bike had baskets you can use those, if not, you can hang other baskets or planters to the bike.

  1. Old Kettle – New Planter For Small Flowers

Old Kettle – New Planter For Small Flowers

An old tea kettle can be revamped, painted, decorated and transformed into a cute planter for small plants and flowers.

  1. Old Dresser – Multi-layered Container For Planters

 Old Dresser – Multi-layered Container For Planters

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An old dresser can become the focal point of your garden if you transform it into a multi-layered container for your favorite flowers and planters. You can paint it or you can live it as it easy for a vintage vibe.

  1. Pallets – New Garden Planters

Pallets – New Garden Planters

Pallets can be used in many ways in the garden but since we talked about planters until now, note that old pallets can be transformed into planters as well. You can use them for flowers or vegetables.

  1. Pallets – Garden Furniture

Pallets – Garden Furniture

Painting pallets and transforming them into tables and benches for your garden is a simple idea that will make your garden furniture look nice without spending a lot of money. For extra comfort, you can add some pillows on the benches.

  1. Pallets – Garden Pathway

Pallets – Garden Pathway

Pallets can also be used to create chic pathways in your garden.

  1. Old Trampoline – Circular Swing Bed

Old Trampoline – Circular Swing Bed

If you owned a trampoline but no one is using it anymore, you can easily transform it into a swing bed. Summer relaxation will add some style to your garden and it will move your indoor reading corner outdoor, in your garden.

  1. Old Boat – New Sofa

Old Boat – New Sofa

If you like to have a maritime theme in your garden, you can add sea vibes if you transform an old boat into a stylish and comfortable sofa.

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