By Adrian Cruce

How to Refurbish Your Hardwood Floor

Renewing your hardwood floor is simple as a DIY project and you can do it quite cheap and fast. You just need a weekend and follow the following steps.

Adhesion Testing

You want to take 2 test areas and coat them with the use of urethane. One of the areas should be in a zone that is highly trafficked and the other one close to a closet or a wall. Use sanding screen to clean a 6 by 6 inches area. Wipe sanding residue, mask the area and use the polyurethane. Wait for 24 hours and then see if the area is smooth or not. Scrape with a coin but not too hard. When you see that the polyurethane does not scrape as you apply a moderate pressure, the test is a success. Recoating the floor is thus possible.

Materials And Money

Typical floor recoating costs around 50% of sanding and refinishing. You will mostly spend money on buffer rent and tools. That is why when you recoat in 2 rooms you spend just a little bit more than coating in one room. All materials and tools needed can be bought from home centers.

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Cleaning The Hardwood Floor

Dull putty knives are pretty good at scraping various petrified gunk. If there are tough marks present, scouring pads with mineral spirits are quite great. Sanding screen is also a great option. When you clean, use masking tape pieces in order to mark the deep scratches, areas where there is worn away finished and ridges. Such spots will require more attention from you. Based on what problem you have, use the internet to learn about how to properly clean and prepare such areas.

Buffing The Hardwood Floor

Fresh sanding screen can buff old finishes. Start this at one room wall and then move across. Buffer should be swung towards the right and the left as you are going. Pass over the area just a maximum of 2 times as you do not want to cut the finish. Controlling dust is very important so you may want to use window fans, seal work area and close ducts.

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Start cleaning with the windowsills, moldings and surfaces that see dust often gathering. Vacuum your hardwood floor and then wipe it with the rag that is lint-free and dampened with suitable mineral spirits. The idea is that you have to make the environment as dust-free as possible.

Choose The Finish

Ployurethane is the best finish if you do this project yourself. The other ones are going to have lower durability or will be tough to work with. There is an oil-based option and a water-based option available. Just make sure that you choose a finish that is recommended for the exact floor type that you have in your home. There is polyurethane finish that is available for other options too, not just polyurethane. Have patience and consider different products since there are small differences between them. Always read manufacturer indications so that you are going to apply it correctly.