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How To Renew Your Concrete Patio

It is not at all difficult to renew your concrete patio. All that you need to do is stain it. This is a process that is inexpensive and quick. The concrete slab would be turned from being totally uninteresting to having a rich, vibrant color and being incredibly appealing. You just need a weekend to get the job done and the complexity of the process is low. The costs would be 20 to 100 dollars.

concrete patio stain

Concrete Stains

A concrete stain is basically a water-based product. It coats the concrete patio and will become an integral part of its surface. Stains can fade or wear as time passes but you can add sealer in order to add protection.

Do not make the mistake that this is the same thing as an acid stain as the chemicals will react with minerals located inside concrete. This changes colors. You can find many different acid stains at the local home depot stores but you will want to use concrete stains.

Cut Decorative Kerfs

You want to cut kerfs in order to easily separate the areas that should have a different color. Use a larger board in order to have a saw guide. This offers a straight cut. Dust can be contained by misting water over the blade. It will take a lot less to stain with just one color but most people want some diversity. Think about the color scheme you want to incorporate and use the kerf in order to get a crisp separation in color. Do not tape off concrete since this does not work and stain will run under tape.

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You can avoid having to use kerfs when you have concrete expansion joints. They can be incorporated right into the design. If you have to cut some kerfs, mark everything properly and be sure that your cuts will be straight.

Stain Preparation

Just as with all staining projects, it is really important that you properly prepare the surface. Clean the concrete area and the shoes before you do anything else. You need to have dry, clean shoes when you work on your patio. Grass and plants do not have to be protected since any stain that reaches these areas will not be noticed.

Base Coating

It is important to have a base stain coat to cover your concrete patio. This will make the topcoat look a lot more vibrant. The first color should be sprayed on wet concrete. Just cover the patio surface. You do not need more stain. The sprayer want has to eb moved in a continuous circular motion.

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Never apply your stain when faced with direct sunlight. Always use one garden sprayer for one color. One needs to be used for water. When you use a pattern, spray on cardboard. Make sure that you work in a small section of 4 X 6 feet. Start from the house and then work outward.

Touch Ups

After the concrete patio surface is dry, see if there are bare spots. They need to be touched up. Stain can be sprayed with the use of a handheld spray bottle. Make sure that the stain will blend naturally by dabbing the surrounding area.

The stain needs to be dry for around 1 day. In the event that the color is not vibrant or you have spotty coverage, use the same color and re-apply, as before, with a focus on the areas that are not covered.


After your touch ups are done, you will need to apply sealer. Try to roll a new sealer coat whenever necessary. You have access to sealant options that are really easy to use. Just use a sealant that is designed for concrete and apply it according to manufacturer indications.