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The Impact Of Color In House Design

For years, color has always played a key part in the improvement of the aesthetics of our houses. These days, house builders and architects proclaim there is more to color than just the aesthetics when it comes to house designs. Proponents of color psychology postulate that the colors used to decorate or design your home can have significant impact on the emotional well-being of its inhabitants. Some colors work best when used in particular rooms in your house; hence, they ought to be used as per the different moods and emotions they will bring to that room.


Color Paints for your Foyer and Living Room

Warm tones like orange, yellow, and red, and earth tones such as beige and brown, work perfectly for both your foyer and the living room. These colors are thought to be great conversation starters – they encourage people in the house to interact and are very welcoming to guests.


Colors for your Dining Room

Red would be the ideal color for the dining room. It will not only cheer up your guests, but it will also excite their taste buds. More importantly, color experts assert that having a red dining room will people believe that you are an excellent cook.

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Colors for your Kitchen

If you happen to have very fond memories of your mother’s kitchen and food, color can help you recreate these memories in a canter. Just copy the color scheme she used in her kitchen in your own kitchen. For instance, if you were brought up in a blue or purple colored kitchen and still cherish those days, then these colors might be just what you need.


Alternatively, yellow or red could be generally used for your kitchen. However, color consultants advise against the use of red in kitchen, particularly for people who are on a diet. Red is renowned for its appetite stimulating powers, and this explains why most restaurants worldwide use it in their décor.


Colors for the Bedroom

The bedroom is where you go to relax and unwind after a long day at work and spend time with your partner. Architects and house builders use green, blue and lavender colors, simply because they help to bring that calming and peaceful effect in a room. Brighter colors such as red tend to stimulate activity and boost your heart rate, thus should be automatically ruled out.


Colors for your workout room

Most architects would go for brighter colors, such as orange, yellow or red because they help get you in the mood for exercise. On the flipside, these colors might also make feel hot and drained after a short session of exercise. As a result, ask your architect to go for blue or green colors, as they would make you lively but relaxed. Check out the house designs on the internet to find out the current color trends in house designs.

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Colors for your Bathroom

Warm colors and white have constantly been used in bathroom house designs mainly because they signify purity and cleanliness. Today, since the bathroom is no longer just a place for washing up, but a private retreat for reinvigoration and relaxation as well, more and more people are becoming comfortable with green, turquoise or blue colors in their bathrooms. These colors bring a sense of both freshness and tranquility.


Finally, if you are one of those who work from home works from home, productivity should be the motivation behind the color choices for your home office. For this reason, your house builder must incorporate colors that would help you concentrate and energize your body. Color green is recommended here.