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Top 7 Tips for Choosing a Solar Panel Installation Company

Seven ways for choosing the right company for you

Solar power is not only a great thing for the environment, but it is also a fantastic way of reducing your energy bill costs and saving yourself a lot of money. However, how do you know which solar panel company to choose so that you can get your panels installed straight away?

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1)      Check for Satisfied Customers

If a company has been around for long enough and have enough good quality employees working for them, chances are there will be people that have good things to say about them. Ask family, friends and colleagues for recommendations as to which companies are best for your needs. Also do some research yourself into local businesses and which offer the best prices and overall value for money.

2)      See how Long They’ve been in the Industry

Choosing any solar panel installation company, no matter what their expertise, is all about picking a team that knows what they are doing. Look for reputable and long established solar power companies that understand the importance of a sufficient, safe and good quality solar panel system. A company that has been running for a long time is much more likely to understand the needs of the customer and the range of different solar power options available than a new solar power company.

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3)      Ask to see Licenses

Any solar power contractor will have a license that says that they have employees that are trained to install solar panels. These professionals will understand photovoltaic installations, as well as the most efficient and quickest ways to install them so that you can be sure to have the system set up on your roof and connected to your power supply as quickly as possible (usually within a few days).

4)      Get a Breakdown of Prices

Ask about what your total cost includes and always look at different companies and what they can offer in terms of price. Solar panels are a great way of saving money on your energy bills so  you also need to consider whether you can live self sufficiently on solar power alone or whether you will need to connect up to the grid to get power at night and during off peak hours etc.

5)      Check what is Included in the Solar Panel System

Make sure that you find out the manufacturer of your solar panels so that you can be sure that you are getting a good quality product. If you have found a manufacturer that you are happy with but they don’t offer an installation service, you might need to pay a separate fee to get it installed or to pay labour costs.

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6)      Make sure They are Reliable

When hiring a solar power company, you need to check that they are reliable. This means checking their ratings and reputation online (in forums etc) or talking to people that have used them previously. Avoid companies that take a long time to get back to you or gives you an unrealistic installation price or time frame. When fitted well and by professionals, solar panels shouldn’t take long to install and shouldn’t cost the earth. High satisfaction rates are a good sign that you can rely on them.

7)      Ask about Extra Fees

Don’t be drawn into hiring a solar power company that seem to offer great prices but then add VAT, taxes, and other additional costs (such as installation fees) on top of your overall price. Ask for a total upfront quote so that you aren’t hit with a huge bill at the end of the installation.

Overall, choosing a good quality solar panel company is important because it can save you a lot of money in the long run. On top of this, you are preventing the burning of fossil fuels and using a much more efficient source of energy so that you can live in a much more environmentally friendly way!