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By Adrian Cruce

How To Transform Your Bathroom With A Small Budget

Transforming the bathroom when the budget is small is not as difficult as you may be tempted to believe at first glance. The truth is that most people out there believe that everything is really expensive when the truth is that this is not actually the case. With some simple modifications you can end up with a huge makeover quite fast.


bathroom painting

The main thing you should do is be 100% sure that the room is easy to clean by removing everything that is tough to clean. You do want to add a new coat of paint because of the fact it will instantly change the overall design.

Remove everything from the bathroom and start repainting. Most will want to use a white shade as it makes the bathroom seem larger. However, this is not necessarily something you have to do. There are various opportunities that are available and white is not necessarily what you need to do. Light colors are great for small bathrooms and great colors are tremendous for larger bathrooms. Make sure that you cover and tape off everything because that helps you a lot with touch ups. The estimated paint costs are around 25 dollars per gallon and you will just need to pay around 10 dollars for painter’s tape and rollers.

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Bathroom Vanities

bathroom remodeling

Bathroom vanities appear in absolutely all bathrooms, no matter the style. If you update your bathroom but you do not update the vanities, everything will seem outdated. Do not instantly choose to spend money on brand new vanities. It is a good idea to try to refurbish what you already own. Most of them can easily be painted. Also, you can change fixtures from one location to another to offer a brand new feel without spending a lot of money.

Try to pick up a new bathroom tile. Ceramic or vinyl tiles are really popular for the bathroom. They are great as they are water resistant and really easy to clean. The white ceramic tile is expensive. Look for clearance tiles as you can buy them for as low as $2 per square foot. Vinyl flooring is over $12.


bathroom storage

In most rooms from around the world storage is a huge problem. The bathroom is exactly like this. Make sure that you visit online stores since you can find some pretty interesting opportunities for different scenarios. What has to be understood is that you can go vertical with your storage opportuniites. They can be pretty aesthetic and extra storage space will cost around $40.

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bathroom accessories

When you add accessories to your bathroom, you basically transform it completely. This creates a brand new bathroom. Some really simple accents like photographs, windows treatments or shower curtains will make the entire area seem distinct. Go to stores that are not expensive. For instance, try IKEA. Do not bring back all that you would love. Simply focus on the affordable options that will make the bathroom more beautiful while not costing you too much. You will be surprised to see how your bathroom can look after adding some simple accessories.