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5 Horrifying Mistakes People Commit when Installing Commercial Garage Doors

Garage door installation is easy – or so you thought? Just get started by procuring a door and you will get acquainted with all the aspects of installing a door for your garage. From prepping the garage to choosing the right door style as per your home’s architecture; there are numerous factors to consider here.

An average ‘Joe’ gets confused as soon as he walks into a garage door warehouse. Well, that’s where professionals step in. Having worked in this realm for decades, let me help you avoid the 5 horrifying mistakes people commit during garage door installation.


1.“Every door is Suitable for my Garage” – Not many people have the luxury of saying these words. Most people have architectural constraints and building bylaws to adhere to while choosing the type of door. For example, if your driveway is short, an overhead sectional garage door is the ideal choice. The operating mechanism does not require much space and allows driver to park the vehicle close to the door. On the other hand, up and over garage doors need sufficient space in the front of the door to open/close. Thus, they are suitable for long and wide driveways having adequate maneuvering space both for vehicles and the door. Residential doors should be at least 24’ gauge steel.

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There are many lifting mechanisms as well that are suitable for specific applications. These include retractable garage doors lifting mechanism and canopy lifting mechanism. The styles of the door should gel well with the exterior architecture of your home. Some of the general styles include Spanish doors, Georgian style garage doors, contemporary aluminium finish doors and classic wooden doors.


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2.“I can Install garage Door on my Own” – Even if you are technically gifted and skilled individual, we would not recommend that you undertake a DIY project. There are many small yet significant components that need the expert attention of a professional. An experienced technician has all the tools and talent necessary to complete the job within hours. For example, garage door springs are heavy and operate under tremendous torque. An accidental spring snap can cause fatal injuries. If you are still adamant on doing it yourself, never proceed alone. Consult a technician first and have a buddy assist you throughout the project.


3.“Let’s Use Nails instead of Lag Screws” –This mistake can pose potential danger to your family. When a door opens or closes, pressure is exerted on the frame bolted with the wall. Unlike screws, nails can snap out pretty easily and loosen the entire frame. Moreover, lag screws support the weight of the door.

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4.“So what if the Steel Stiffener is not Installed” – Every door features a steel stiffener installed at the top of the door. It is an important component of the opening and closing process. Absence of steel stiffener can cause jerky movements or a completely jammed door. In worst case, the electric opener motor will not slide the panel smoothly and instead crush/bend the top panel.


5.“I think the Door Opener Looks great on the left” – Garage door opener and lift assembly must always be installed at the center of the door. Period! Installing it at the right or left side can twist the door panels during opening/closing mechanism. Over time, bending of the panels can lead to completely twisted door. In you have an obstruction in the center; it is best to remove the obstruction itself instead of installing the opener off-center.


Garage door installation is a crucial part of home construction or renovation. Compromising on quality and security can cost you dear. It is advised that such high-importance projects be entrusted only to experts. With a little research consumers are sure to find professionals offering superior services at economical prices.