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5 tips for cleaning your bathroom

Cleaning the bathroom can often be hard work due to the build up of lime scale and potential problems with blockages that can occur in your bath or shower after too much soap builds up. There are a few handy tips however, that can make cleaning your bathroom not only fast but also effective when it comes to reducing lime scale and other problems.


Don’t have too much clutter

The first thing that will make cleaning any bathroom easier is to make sure you don’t have too much stuff cluttering it up. Generally, bathrooms are not the largest room in the house, so try to make the most efficient use of storage cabinets and so, and avoid having too many things lying around on the sink and other spaces. This will greatly reduce the amount of dust that gathers, but not only that, make it much easier to clean all around the bathroom without having to move things around every time.


Have all your cleaning supplies close by

To cut down on the time you have to spend cleaning, it makes sense to have all the necessary bathroom cleaning products tucked away somewhere in your bathroom so they are to hand when you want to clean. This saves you having to run back and forth to get sponges, sprays and other cleaning goods from other rooms, and will make cleaning much less hassle overall.

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Find the right cleaning products for you

There is a side variety of bathroom cleaners available, often in a number of different scents and so on, so take your time to find the ones that you like and make your bathroom a pleasant environment to be in once you’ve cleaned it. There’s nothing worse than overpowering smells of some chemical cleaners that can not only be bad for you to inhale too much of, but won’t make the prospect of cleaning a pleasant one.


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Clean little and often

This is a great way to prevent lime scale build up, as well as lessening the amount of cleaning you’ll need to do overall. If you leave the bathroom for a while before you get around top cleaning it, getting everything spick and span will take a lot longer than if you try to do a little bit each day. Even 5 or 10 minutes spent giving surfaces a wipe and the sink a clean for example, can really cut down on the work you’ll have to do should you leave it for a few days or longer. Ideally, try to aim for a couple of quick run around cleans a week.

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Clean your bathroom as you go

If you’ve just had a shower or bath, or have just finished brushing your teeth etc, take a couple of moments to give everything a quick rinse and wipe down. This way, you’ll help keep the main areas of the bathroom clean all the time, and won’t have to spend hours trying to get the bath or shower clean and so on. Not only that, but doing this means that everything is fresh and clean for the next time you or someone else is using the bathroom.


Overall then, the trick is to keep everything you need handy, and try to do a little dust and wipe whenever you’re in the bathroom. As mentioned, even a few minutes cleaning will keep everything in good condition, and stop grime building up over time – once it does cleaning the bathroom will become much more of a chore.