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By Adrian Cruce

8 Inexpensive Ways to Add Fashionable Color To Your Rooms

If you love colorful interiors but you cannot afford to buy expensive furniture or to paint the entire house, there are a few inexpensive ways to ass fashionable color to your rooms without spending a lot of money or a lot of time redecorating.

Colorful Art

Colorful Art

The easiest way to add color to your bedroom or living room walls is to buy colorful art. Go for a big painting in bright colors that will light up the entire room.

Colorful Pillows

Colorful pillows are great for when you need to add color to your rooms but you cannot spend a lot of money. You can choose pillows in different colors and shapes and use them to make your rooms friendlier and brighter. If you want to keep your house trendy and cool, you can buy some pillows in the color of the year, which this year is Ultra Violet.

Colorful Throws

colorful throws

Image source: Nordstrom

Colorful throws are another good idea to add fashionable color to your rooms. Combined with bright-colored pillows, a throw can transform the entire room and make it look amazing with little to no effort.

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Colorful Curtains

colorful curtains

Image source: zulily

If your rooms are painted in neutral colors, buying colorful curtains can change the entire aspect of the room. Go for bright and bold colors, do not settle for subtle shades. And, if you want your windows to look really bold and beautiful, you can use two different colors for the curtains.

Colorful Rug

colorful rug

Image source: La Boheme – House of The Wishing Trees

A colorful rug can make your living room look inviting and cozy. You can choose a rug multicolored rug or you can choose a rug with a colorful geometric pattern on a neutral background. If you have a colorful couch, it is best to choose a rug in a contrasting color or a color that will stand out. On the other hand, if you have grey or beige furniture, choosing a multicolored rug or a rug with a geometric print is probably best.

Colorful Dining Room Chairs

You can invest in a set of bright-colored dining room chairs or you can paint your chairs in different colors to create a rainbow around the dining room table.

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Buy Plants

colorful plants

Image source: Apartment Therapy

Filling your home with plants is a simple and inexpensive way to add color to your rooms. There are numerous types of plants you can buy, just make sure you learn how to take care of them before bringing them into your home.

Colorful Stickers      

colorful sticker                                              

Image source: blobimports.com

Use colorful stickers to decorate your walls or to transform your furniture. Creativity is your limit when it comes to the stickers and your house.

Combine Two Or Many Techniques Listed Here

Depending on your budget, you can use one, two or all the techniques listed in this article to add fashionable color to your rooms. A colorful rug with bright-colored pillows and a bold couch throw will look amazing in a white living room. A colorful art piece is perfect for the bedroom wall. The stickers look amazing in the hallway, the living room or in a nursery. Plants are perfect for the living room or the kitchen. But you can use these techniques as you please to create your perfect and colorful dream house.