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A Short Bathroom Extractor Fan Cleaning Guide

Bathrooms are prone to mould growth because of high condensation levels and plenty of cold surfaces, which trap moisture inside. A bathroom extractor fan works hard to remove moisture from the air, which reduces the likelihood of mould. However, while the extractor fan is making your home safer, it gets clogged up with dust and mould. Therefore, to maintain its effectiveness and extend its life, an extractor fan needs cleaning regularly. Here’s how.

Powering Down

As with anything electrical, it’s important to turn off the power before you begin cleaning, otherwise, you may electrocute yourself. You can do this by turning the unit off at the switch, but it will be much safer to switch it off completely with the circuit breaker.

Removing and Soap Soaking the Fan Cover

How you remove the fan cover will vary depending on the type of extractor fan you have. Typically, it involves removing screws or sliding across. In some cases, you may find spring-loaded buttons that need pressing down before sliding.

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After removing the cover, the best way to clean the dirt is by soaking it in a bowl of soapy water. The type of soap you use doesn’t really matter, but a mild dish soap will work best. There’s no need to use bleach on the cover because all you’re doing is loosening the dirt.

Removing Dust

With the extractor fan soaking in water, it’s time to have a good look inside the unit to assess the amount of cleaning required. It is possible to remove dust by using hoover, but it’s much quicker and more efficient to use a duster.

If you’re able to access the rear of the blades, begin by dusting the back of them. Then, you begin on the rest of the unit. The best way to tackle this job is to start at the farthest point because you won’t be trailing dirt over areas you’ve already cleaned.

Scrubbing Away Dirt

Once you’ve removed all of the loose dust, you’ll be able to see where all of the dirt is. Fill up a bowl of soapy water, grab a cloth, and get to work scrubbing away the dirt; you will need to put some elbow grease into it to bring it all up. We recommend wearing rubber gloves to keep your hands safe, as you may come into contact with mould.

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Making Sure Everything is Dry

Once you’ve cleaned the entire unit, including the fan cover, you will need to make sure everything is completely dry before turning it back on and replacing the cover. Give it a head start by using a towel first, but then leave it overnight to make sure it’s completely dry. If you switch it back on while it’s wet, you may accidentally cause a fire.

Cleaning your extractor fan is an essential job, and it’ll only take you about twenty minutes to complete (taking out drying time). The reward for such little time is reduced humidity and mould in your bathroom, making it a worthwhile job.

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