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Attic Remodeling Tips For A More Comfortable Home

If you have a vacant attic, there are a few things you can do to make it more functional. These include painting walls, ceilings, and area rugs. You can also install a bathroom or new stairs, and add insulation. If you have a high ceiling, you may consider installing an extra light bulb or two.

Painting walls, ceilings, floors, and areas rugs

Attic rooms usually have limited natural light, so choosing light colors will brighten up the space. On the other hand, darker colors will create a cozy retreat. If you’re not sure what colors will work best in your attic, consider using accessories to add color to the space. If your attic features a cathedral ceiling, consider painting the lower portion of the ceiling a different color.

When painting floors, choose an easy-care, low-maintenance paint. Nontoxic paints, like ECOS, conform to the ASTM-D4236 standard, which addresses skin irritation, oral toxicity, and respiratory effects.

Adding a new staircase

If you’re planning to remodel your attic, you need to add a new staircase. This will ensure that your new space has comfortable access. Moreover, a staircase will add a new design element to the interior. Choosing the right style and material of stairs is an essential part of the process.

First, determine the size of the stairs. If you’re converting the attic into habitable space, you’ll need a staircase that provides at least 6’8″ of headroom. The treads should be at least 10 inches deep, and the risers must be 7 1/4″ high. The staircase also needs to have a window for emergency escape. Note, however, that some cities and counties have regulations regarding the placement of attic windows. For this reason, you should always consult your local building department.

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Insulating the attic

Insulation is an important part of attic remodeling. A high R-value means better performance and energy efficiency. It is important to measure the area of the attic and to replace damaged or worn insulation with a higher-quality product. For insulation to be effective, it should be layered. If you want to increase the R-value of your attic, you should choose a material with a higher R-value per inch, such as batt insulation. You can also choose rigid foam sheeting, which offers high-quality R-5 to R-10 performance per inch.

The amount of insulation you add to your attic depends on the climate zone of your house. In some climates, an additional few inches of insulation might help, but it will be unlikely to increase its R-value significantly. For this reason, it is best to seek professional assistance.

Adding a bathroom

Adding a bathroom to an attic is an excellent way to increase the livable square footage of your attic. You can design the space so that the shower and toilet are located near the highest level of the attic ceiling. However, you should consider a few things before you begin your project. First, make sure that your attic is legally able to accommodate an attic bathroom. You will also need to meet any height requirements imposed by the city.

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You should consult with a contractor before you begin any attic remodeling project. You will also want to check local building codes for attic bathrooms, which can vary by area. For example, you may want to install back-to-back vanities at the peak of the attic. Lastly, keep in mind that plumbing is the most expensive part of an attic bathroom remodel. You’ll want to choose a location for the plumbing fixtures, and make sure that they are accessible from the bathroom and kitchen.

Adding skylights

There are some things to keep in mind when adding skylights to an attic. Proper installation is crucial to avoid leaks. The installation process may require new flashing, sealants, and cuts in the roofing material. Also, improper installation can cause your roof to degrade over time.

One of the advantages of adding skylights to an attic is that you will gain more natural light into the room. It will also help stabilize the room temperature during summer. Many people suffer from depression, and increased exposure to natural light is beneficial for their mental health. By understanding the pros and cons of adding skylights to an attic, you can make an informed decision.

A skylight will also add a beautiful view. In contrast, a flat wall window will only provide a limited view. Adding skylights will allow more natural light to flood the room, improving its aesthetic appeal. Moreover, skylights can be controlled by a smartphone app.