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Decorating Using Hand Painted Wallpaper

The great thing about hand painted, wallpapered furniture is that there is such a wide range of different styles and designs to choose from. So you have a huge choice in terms of what you want your interior to look like and where you would like it to be installed. If you are not the DIY type then you could always turn to professional companies who will be able to source out designs for your bespoke hand painted wallpaper. However, if you are a DIY-er yourself then we will look at some of the things that you can do to finish your wall before painting it.

Firstly you can paint your wall with different colours to give it that old world or rustic look. There are many different shades of palm beach to choose from and depending on what your other furnishings are, you might want to steer away from darker or lighter shades as they will clash. For hand painted wallpapers you can find everything from a nice pale blue to a deep forest green and of course the very popular ivory and cream.

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Next you can add different accessories and pieces to give your wall that unique look. For example you can use seashells to complete your design. If you cannot afford an authentic piece then why not try to reproduce one by using small items from your home. This can include seashell jewellery, shells from your recent trip to Thailand, seashell cushions and vases, and of course anything else that might look good. It is also worth trying different colours to see how they blend in with the overall look of your room so if your colour scheme already consists of dark colours then try going with a lighter shade.

If you are going for something more traditional then you can also give your hand painted wallpapers some character. For example if you have a nautical theme in your house why not paint your walls a white boat? This will give it that seaside feel, or if you want your walls to have that elegant finish then maybe try painting your wall with a brass finish.

If you are looking for a contrasting look to go with your hand painted wall paper then why not try the sky for a change? Instead of going for a traditional sky full of stars and moons you could try a modern version with stripes and dots instead. Or if you are feeling really adventurous why not look at different animals instead? Deer, rabbit, or horse all made from different materials and placed on your wall can really create an interesting look.

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It is important not to overdo it on your hand painted wall paper as you don’t want your home to look overpowering. Instead think about adding subtle variations in your design. You can do this through the use of different colours and textures. For instance if you have a cream background try using a lemon yellow or alternatively if you have a dark chocolate background perhaps you could use a black or charcoal based colour. Of course your choice will depend on the other elements of your design and the type of material you have used but I hope these ideas will help you get started!