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Ceiling And Wall Repair Tips For Handy Homeowners

Wall and ceiling repair can be seen as being quite tricky but that is not always the case. You will want to find various hacks and articles written about how to solve some problems. This is because you can easily find some wonderful options, like those that are going to be presented below. They are quite interesting and most people do not know much about them.

Dealing With Chronic Cracks

There are some cracks in the ceilings and the wall that just keep coming back, no matter how much you repair them. The recurring cracks are stressful but you can always use what is known as “Goodbye Cracks”. This is basically elastic film that will contract and stretch right along cracks. It is perfect on hairline cracks but it can also be pretty effective with the large wall cracks. Use it and then include joint compound. Spray on some coats of this marvel and then you will be able to see that the cracks will not come back. The product can be found in most hardware stores these days but they are also available online.

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Covering Up The Entire Wall

There are many walls that are really bad and the only really great solution is a complete new drywall installation. While this is expensive, you could use wall liners since the fix is really good. You end up adding a really thick paintable wallpaper that will act just like a really large patch. There are versions that are really smooth while others have a patterned surface. Use joint compound to fill the holes and the tracks and then add the liner just like you would add wallpaper. The price is really low.

A Simple Crack Solution

There are different opportunities that are available with stress crack tape being very popular in dealing with cracks. It is basically a tape that will be visible across rooms, even when dealing with many paint coats. Joint compound would be needed to make sure that the tape disappears. The good news is that tape will stretch and will remain stuck for a really long time. That is why the quick fix is normally great.

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Popcorn Patches

You might want to have texture on a wall. As you fix the ceiling, a popcorn patch can do wonders since it normally ends up looking right as the surrounding texture right after some brush work.

Getting Rid Of Ceiling Stains

Water stained ceiling automatically means that you need to use primer that is stain blocking so that stains would not bleed through paint coats. Primer is a solution but using options like Zinsser Covers Up or Kilz Upshot is normally better. The product comes with vertical nozzles and primer do ends up blending right inside the paint, which is definitely something that you will like.