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Cheap Dining Room Improvements

A dining room should serve more than just as a place to eat; it should also act as an office, homework zone and storage spot for kitchen overflow.

Are you looking to add luxurious details to your dining space without breaking the bank? Try these cost-effective decorating ideas; they won’t break your budget and will have a significant impact on how it looks!

1. Upgrading the Table

Upgrades are often an affordable and straightforward solution to add character and new life into a dining space, and upgrading a table is often one of the easiest and simplest ways of revitalizing it. A farmhouse table, for instance, can easily be given new life by adding texture through planks stacked atop or simply being painted a striking color – so long as its core structure remains strong.

Credenza or sideboard (or whatever name you prefer for this essential storage piece) is another inexpensive but high-impact dining room improvement. While it does not need to match your table, it should complement its style as well as any other furniture in the room. If budget allows, adding a sound system for dinner parties would add another special touch.

DIY dining-room projects tend to be straightforward, unless they involve major structural alterations or wall knock-out. Contractors may be helpful with tasks like installing a coffered ceiling or new hardwood floors; an interior designer is likely necessary as well for helping plan an effective layout, choosing furniture finishes and decor items.

2. Upgrading the Chairs

If a new table is out of your budget, investing in new chairs can give your dining area a major makeover without breaking the bank. A quick coat of paint, reupholstering the seat or swapping out for more stylish fabric are quick and simple DIY projects that will transform an uninspiring room into a glamorous dining space in no time at all.

Paint (chalk paint or enamel paint) will do wonders to revive furniture that has seen better days; just be sure to do it outside or in a well-ventilated area to avoid dust or drips!


Switching out an outdated fabric on the seat cushion of a dining chair can transform its look, and is much simpler to accomplish than reupholstering a sofa or accent chair. To simplify this project even further, use cardboard as a template to guide you as you create your seat cover template.

3. Painting the Walls

Painting your dining room a new hue is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to give this often neglected room an immediate makeover. A warm neutral can create an inviting dining experience while vibrant hues set the scene for memorable dinner parties.

Start by clearing and decluttering the space, removing any decor items you no longer enjoy, then lay a tarp or drop cloth on the floor. Cover furniture with plastic sheeting (bed sheets can work great). Protect molding, light switch covers and window frames using painter’s tape; once painting has completed, remove this before leaving overnight to dry.

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Primer is essential to creating an even, professional finish; applying it first may save one or two coats of paint and ensure your final product looks polished and professional. Once dry, reinstall any light fixture covers or outlet covers.

4. Boosting the Light

Your dining area doesn’t usually serve as the ideal platform for art displays or decorative accessories; yet it does require an eye-catching light fixture. A chandelier or wall sconces can add instantaneous flair, but ensure that their design complements both your table and furniture for optimal effect.

Industrial-style lighting with trailing wires as an aesthetic element has long been a trendy design choice, being easy to locate and not needing electrician installation. Not only can these lights add visual interest but can be used individually over small tables or grouped as shown here.

Colored glass pendant lights are an easy and cost-effective way to bring some pop of colour into your dining room without altering its overall look. No electrician is needed here – simply choose an opaque shade which dissipates light during the day while adding splashes of hue into your decor scheme.

Add sconces to your dining room lighting scheme as another means of increasing its illumination, while not breaking the bank in doing so. Sconces can dramatically improve the aesthetics of any space without breaking the bank!

5. Adding a Mirror

There are various projects you can undertake to dress up a dining room on a tight budget, but starting simple can make an immediate difference in its aesthetic and appeal. Painting walls, reupholstering chairs and adding art can all change the atmosphere instantly and help make it look better than ever.

Add an eye-catching mirror to the wall opposite a window for an impressive touch and to visually expand your dining area. Mirrors today come in various designs, such as ornate frames with beveled edges or simple frames which also have stunning results. Ensure you hang the mirror at eye level to prevent glare when people sit down to eat.

Painting your dining room can be one of the fastest and least-expensive ways to refresh it – and can even be fun! Keep an eye out at thrift stores or garage sales for pieces you can repurpose by giving them new coats of paint, like sideboards or buffets.

6. Adding a Credenza or Sideboard

At any social event you host, from family dinners to friend birthday parties, you need somewhere to store serving platters, wine glasses and table linens. A stylish credenza or sideboard provides this storage without taking up valuable floor space like traditional china cabinets can hutches.

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Painting an existing buffet or china cabinet will have the greatest visual impact in any dining room renovation project, providing lasting beauty that you will enjoy for years. The result will be sure to leave an impressionful lasting impression!

Selecting stylish wall art and curtains can add an additional element of style to your dining room. Look for prints that complement the hue of your paint job or use modern wallpaper with geometric prints for an eye-catching feature wall.

7. Adding Art and a Rug

Rugs offer an easy, cost-effective upgrade for dining rooms without breaking the budget – adding color, warmth and texture. Plus they help protect the floor underneath your table from spills or any dropped pieces!

Consider selecting a larger rug with an eye-catching pattern like this blue and white version with its swirly designs; its playful colors pair nicely with abstract art hanging nearby. Just be sure to select an easy-care fabric, especially if there are children living in your household.

Add art to your dining space for an instant designer touch on a budget and set the right atmosphere at mealtime, elevating it and making it feel more curated. The right piece can set a beautiful scene.

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8. Adding Curtains and a Bar Cart

Most dining room projects, aside from those involving major structural work such as demolishing walls, tend to fall under the cosmetic category – meaning you can add plenty of style without breaking the bank!

An easy and affordable upgrade option is painting. A new hue instantly transforms a room, providing the ideal canvas for your furnishings – choose something neutral to go with wood finishes in your dining table and chairs, or create the atmosphere for an extravagant dinner party by selecting bolder hues that set a festive tone.

One effective way to quickly update a dining room is by updating its light fixtures. From pendant lights and ornate chandeliers, to simple pendant lamps and table lamps, changing out these pieces can significantly transform its aesthetics and atmosphere.

Other easy, affordable upgrades could include painting your sideboard or china cabinet or adding an area rug. Greenery can help make mealtimes more serene and stress-free; especially important if your children tend to get anxious at mealtime and require soothing.