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Cheap Garage Improvements

Garages can be more than just places to park the car and store clutter; with some creative thinking and work, they can become great spaces that help to keep your home tidy and organized.

Insulation is an affordable solution that can keep your garage from turning into an icebox, and electrical outlets offer even more capabilities to use power tools or create hobby rooms.

Install Cabinets

If your garage has become an overflowing dumping ground of clutter, adding some organization will help make life more manageable – not to mention making parking your car and accessing your lawn mower much simpler!

Wall cabinets provide an efficient solution for freeing up floor space and clearing away clutter. In addition, wall cabinets offer secure locking storage solutions for tools and valuables – an essential feature if you have children!

Cabinet installations typically cost about $100 per linear foot; you may even find cheaper prefabricated options available. When selecting cabinets for installation, choose quality lines designed to support heavy items (hammers, drills and power tools) while providing durable storage finishes that last. It is wise to secure both materials and labor warranties if possible.

Avoid cheap plastic cabinets, which may crack and fade quickly, in favor of sturdy metal or wood cabinets built to last. For the best estimate of total costs, get estimates from various professionals and obtain starting price estimates that include materials and labor. Installing cabinets yourself is generally straightforward but if you lack experience it would be wiser to hire professional assistance.

Redo the Floors

Garage floors can often go overlooked in home interior design, yet adding a fresh coat of paint to it can transform it into an inviting space that matches the rest of your home’s design. Opting for bright shades like white that help open up rooms and reflect light around is also an affordable way to make this space feel more spacious and open up spaces within it.

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An epoxy coating provides an economical and long-lasting upgrade for the garage floor, protecting it against car wheels, tools, and storage items, while being easily wipeable when oil or grease spills occur. However, this project can be labor intensive so make sure everything is completed as intended to avoid potential failure.

Before embarking on any flooring project, professionals must inspect and assess the current concrete floor to assess its condition. If it has pits, craters or cracks that must be addressed with concrete “resurfacer” before beginning.

Rubber tile flooring is another popular option for garage floors, offering easy installation without grout and an array of sizes, colors and styles to match any decor. At an estimated starting cost of $500 for two car garages alone.

Install Pegboards

Pegboards are an essential garage upgrade — they make it simple and effective to hang tools and supplies within reach and out of the way, while adding bins underneath allows for organization of odd bits that might otherwise cause clutter. A full sheet typically costs approximately $30 at most hardware stores; with access to a saw at home you can even cut it to size for your wall!

Use a stud finder to identify the wall studs where you wish to install your pegboard, using a level and measuring tape as necessary to ensure it’s level with each other and the studs. Next, attach furring strips directly to the wall at level with both each other and with each stud; these will serve as supports for your pegboard.

If you plan to hang heavy items like ladders, such as heavy-duty pegboard is an ideal way to do so. Standard hooks typically support 15-20 pounds; there are special hooks that can support 40 pounds or more.

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Fix the pegboard to furring strips and studs using 1-inch washer-head screws spaced approximately 6 inches apart. If necessary, ask for help in holding it while you attach the screws; add wood screws as necessary if center supports are needed; paint or coat as desired (Image 1) before selecting a durable finish that resists scuffing and cleaning for best results (Image 2).

Install Ceiling Shelving

At first glance, garage ceiling storage may seem like an afterthought – but homeowners can make good use of any spare space available here. Utilizing simple ceiling-mounted racks allows homeowners to tuck away out-of-season camping gear or holiday decor out of sight but easily accessible when the time comes for accessing them again.

Depending on the height of your garage ceiling, installing a loft could make for an effective permanent addition. A loft is an ideal way to store items that won’t get used immediately like boxes of stuff or lawn furniture like bikes and bicycles.

Installing a garage loft may be more costly than other projects on this list, but it could prove one of the wisest investments you ever make for your home. When approaching this process with contractors, work on ways to cut costs – for instance choosing asphalt shingle roofing over more costly metal or tile options may reduce labor expenses significantly.

If a loft isn’t your thing, alternative options exist to add more storage space to your garage. Such racks as these hanging shelves (here and here) make use of space above your car while freeing up floor space for everything else.