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How to Choose the Right Letterbox Designs

They say that God is in the details. The same is true when it comes to decorating your home. You should not neglect the small things that are often forgotten by other homeowners. One part of the home that you should pay attention to is the letterbox. In this day and age where the Internet rules and messages are exchanged digitally, it is easy to ignore the once very useful letterbox. But the letterbox still has its use, after all those utility and credit card companies still insist on sending hard copies of bills so you might as well get a letterbox with a nice design. But before you head out to get to buy a letterbox or purchase one online, there are some important things that you should know on choosing the right letterbox design.

Choose the mounting position

One of the first things that you should know about letterboxes is that they come in two basic mounting positions: post mounted and wall mounted. If there is no wall or fence surrounding your house, then you are probably better off installing a post-mounted letterbox outside your home. As the name suggests, a post mounted letterbox requires that you first install a post in front of your home. If there is wall surrounding your house or if you want your letterbox installed directly on your front wall then you can opt for a wall mounted letterbox. Wall-mounted letterboxes are generally easier to install because they only need anchors and mounting screws.

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Choose the right letterbox material

Another important consideration in choosing the right letterbox design is the material. After all, what good is a good looking letterbox if it will not be able to withstand the elements. If you want something heavy duty and rust-proof then you should go for a letterbox made from galvanized steel. If you want something more hardcore, then go for one made with heavy plated steel. Aluminum boxes are lighter but will also not rust. If you want something that is more modern looking then you can opt for a letterbox made with plastic. If a more classic and elegant look is what you are after then choose a brass or even a cedar wrapped mailbox.

Match the style of your home

As a general rule in choosing the right letterbox design, you should go for a style that will match the style of your home. If not, there is the possibility that your letterbox will stick out like a sore thumb. This does not mean though that you cannot go for a contemporary looking letterbox if the style of your house is classic. The secret lies in finding the mailbox that will blend perfectly with your home. What you can do is take a photo of the front of your home and then place a photo of letterboxes over it to see what works best. Apart from the style, you should also consider the color and the finish of the letterbox. Keep in mind that letterboxes should serve as accents to your home, they are not meant to stand out.

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