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Choose the Right Materials For Your Outdoor Garden Furniture

Garden furniture, also known as outdoor furniture or patio furniture, is specifically designed for outdoor usage. It is usually manufactured out of weather-proof materials like aluminum that is also rust-proof. There are many kinds of garden furniture available in the market. They vary in style and designs according to individuals’ preferences. There are wide selections of outdoor patio furniture in the market so all you need to do is pick the right kind for your garden’s patio.

There is a large variety of outdoor furniture that is weather resistant and is ideal for use in garden areas. They are designed with durable materials that can withstand any weather conditions. Some common types of outdoor furniture used in the outdoors are lounge chairs, dining sets, tables, benches, swings, loungers, lanterns, Hammocks, Children’s benches and gliders. Most furniture pieces in the market are crafted to withstand extreme weather conditions; however they may look good when not in use and can be kept as display items.

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Aluminium is commonly used for making garden furniture, even with classics like Gartentische. It has good tensile strength, dimensional stability, and resistance to changes in temperature and atmospheric pressure. It can also tolerate minor scratches and does not lose colour when it comes in contact with water or moisture. The most popular kinds of Aluminium garden furniture are patio table sets, chair sets, pool table, bar set, and children’s chairs. These products are made from cast aluminium frame with cushions attached on the chairs and / or tables.

Cast Aluminum

Cast aluminium is also used for making garden furniture with foldable features. This kind of furniture is called folding chairs and is very convenient for people who have limited space around their house or garden where they want to relax and chill out. These chairs have an open concept with casters and wheels on the back. Folding chairs are rust proof and very long-lasting.

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Wicker is another very popular material used in making Alfaresco patio set or garden furniture. Wicker is woven from palm, rattan, bamboo, grasses and other plant fibres. It is very easy to weave, thus making it very durable outdoors. Some common types of Alfaresco wicker chairs and tables are: Rattan Alfaresco Chair, Rattan Barstool, Wicker Table, and Garden Bench.

If you want to give your garden furniture a contemporary look, then you can go for resin type. Resin chairs and tables are made from recycled resins like polyethylene. The only disadvantage of this material is that it gives an aged look and looks bad if not maintained properly. However, if you do not mind the old look, then it is probably the best choice because of its low maintenance and durability outdoors.