Choosing Ceramic Tiles For Your Bathroom


By Home master

Choosing Ceramic Tiles For Your Bathroom

There is a great variety of ceramic tiles, but we seem more interested in the ones which look handmade. Some of them really are painted – and of course, considered luxurious tiles with a price that makes sure to remind you about the work someone had to do on them – while some of them are a bit more accessible as price, but not cheap at all.

What’s specific about those tiles is the fact that they are extremely hard to work with in a bathroom, because of their beautiful model. They look gorgeous if you look at them individually, but if you put them together and you are not very good at it, you might create a small disaster. It’s kind of hard to imagine the same pattern multiplied over and over on a big surface. This is why choosing ceramic tiles for you bathroom is actually a hard thing to do and it can be a challenge.

How do you combine them? There are so many possibilities! Everything has to start from a simple question: how does your bathroom space look like and where are you going to place all the sanitary objects? Depending on the answers, you can try to outline the areas that need to be highlighted by the ceramic tiles.

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If you don’t know which surface you want to dress, choose an interest zone from the bathroom, the basin for example. You can decorate it and feel great every time you wash your hands. You could also choose to dress the countertop, or a frame around the mirror. If you decide to frame the mirror, you can continue the pattern with a decorative basin at the furniture level and continue with it among the walls.

The easiest way to use them is to create a decorative basin with ceramic tiles that bond the entire room. The only problem is how to calculate the height at which you should create the waist. You need to look at the highest element from your bathroom: the basin. The waist should be right above it. Be careful, though: the rest of your walls should be as simple as possible. Paint them in a single color or use extremely simple tiles for the remaining space. Too many patterns will make your bathroom look full and nothing in excess is good. You could create a pattern with the same theme on the floor, like a small carpet, but only if you have enough space. Otherwise, the fitting will be difficult and it may affect the symmetry.

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If you really want tiles with a specific pattern, but you realize you can’t afford them, you could buy a small amount and combine them with simple ones. You could also create a clear delimitation where you could use them as a geometrical form.

It takes a lot of courage to use painted ceramic tiles on large surfaces, but if you do, don’t forget to outline them with simple decorations and remember that the walls should be simple, clean and free. Paint it using a clear nuance, without any stucco aspect. You should also keep in mind that such beauty should not be covered by furniture. It would be a total waste not to be able to admire it. The ideal would be that this surface to be visible from the bathtub or from the hallway (in case you keep the door open).

If you respect the rules, choosing tiles for your bathroom should be a fun and easy activity. All of them are beautiful for a certain space; you just need to know which fits yours.