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Home Security

By Adrian Cruce

Go for a Smart Home Lock, Go for Haven

Looks like everything is going digital, even the classic deadbolts that we have all seen and used at least once in our life and which did not seem to have anything to do with the digital field. Although there have been made a lot of changes which have made deadbolts reach the digital field they are still not as secure as everyone might expect them to be.

This is how the idea for smarter and stronger home locks has come to surface and has led to the manufacture of Haven. If what you are interested in is a smart home lock then you should definitely go for Haven – you will be definitely pleased with it. Let’s see why.

Main advantages

Haven features a great range of advantages which will make it your best choice.  First of all, you should know that Haven has been especially created so as to protect your home and make sure to bury the classic deadbolt forever. Second of all, Haven is a very secure solution for you in terms of quality because it is crafted from steel, aluminum and reinforced nylon which makes it a great option.

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Great design and practicality

Another great advantage in the case of Haven refers to its great design and practicality. It looks very well and represents a solid way of keeping out any possible intruders whom you definitely not want to invade your personal space. Haven will become your best friend in terms of home security and you will be very pleased to discover just how practical such an element can be.

More about Haven

Haven is a great home lock solution because it is not only smart but also very strong. It can easily prevent any break-ins even where deadbolts cannot possibly be anchored inside the base of the door which is actually its strongest point.

This is one of the reasons why Haven is such a smart and strong home lock solution: it is set at the base of the door which enables the lift gate to design an amazingly sturdy support system which offers a great level of protection for your personal space.

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Great penetration testing results

Haven is also a great choice in terms of home locks because its penetration testing results have been very great during testing which makes it a good choice. It is a product that follows the highest and most severe standards of penetration testing both at a governmental and commercial stage.

It offers amazing home automation features and a very practical keyless entry which means that Haven can actually lock and unlock doors remotely or locally. Who would have thought this to even be possible in the past? Do not waste more time, go for Haven, go for supreme home security!

Make the smart choice, go for Haven

Haven is the right option for homeowners interested in being offered total control to not only track but also manage the system though their mobile devices.  It comes equipped with powerful and numerous features which focus on ensuring home security at a great level.

The great thing about Haven is that it can even recognize excessive force and send alerts as soon as these have been noticed. All possible closing as well as opening activity is easily tracked by it and any suspicious activity is easily tracked which is all that you could possibly want from a smart home lock.