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Cleaning the Toilet in Sections and Precautions to be Taken During the Cleaning

However unpleasant cleaning the toilet is, it should be done frequently, once or twice weekly. That is an area where bacteria and viruses accumulate, and the regular cleaning of the toilet is needed not only to make it appealing and nice smelling, but also to eliminate the risk of bacteria or virus buildup. That’s why you should never skip toilet cleaning out of you regular cleaning schedule.

All people know that cleaning the toilet is a really messy job. Clearing the area from any excess items is necessary before the cleaning starts. All the items that people usually put on top of the tank should be removed, because they may be accidentally dropped into the bowl in the course of the cleaning.


Cleaning start 

cleaning toilet
By Chuck Marean (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons
The first stage of cleaning the toilet should be the flushing. The toilet should be flushed with the lid down, because in that way the splashing outside the bowl will be prevented. Any type of cleaner can be added to the bowl, in powder, gel, or liquid form. The cleaning substance should be applied as close to the rim of the toilet, in order to prevent dilution.

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Toilet exterior

Then comes the turn of the toilet exterior which should also be efficiently cleaned. The cleaning of the exterior can be done while the cleaning substance is left to soak into the grime built up on the bowl inside. The tank, the handle, the tank edges, should all be sprayed with a cleaner and then wiped clean. The lid of the toilet should be cleaned next. The last SE21 stage of cleaning the toilet exterior should be to clean and wipe the bowl on the outside, cleaning the sides and the front section first, and next the bottom edge of the bowl where it joins the floor.


Cleaning toilet seat

The toilet seat is an area of the toilet that needs special attention while cleaning, as it is the part of the toilet which comes in contact with the people using it. The seat should be raised, the seat should be sprayed, and the inside of the lid should be sprayed too. Then the lid, the seat, and the hinges on the back of the seat should be wiped clean.

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Toilet bowl

The toilet bowl is the next toilet part to be cleaned. The cleaning should be done from the top down. First the grime under the rim should be scrubbed. Then the remainder of the bowl should be scrubbed. The toilet should be flushed, with the lid down, to wash away the grime.

After cleaning the parts of the toilet, people should look around for any spills or drips of cleaner or water. Any such spills or drips should be wiped off. Then the tools and cleaners can be put away, and the items that were removed before the cleaning started can be returned to their usual places.

In the course of the cleaning, people should take some precautions, especially to protect their eyes. In the event of splatters from the toilet water or any cleaner that may splash into the eyes, serious damage can be suffered. Furthermore, to protect the hands, wearing cleaning gloves is recommended.