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By Adrian Cruce

Clear Signs That Your Home Is In Trouble Based On Home Inspector Experience

Home inspectors are called in order to find problems that a home may have. They know how to notice problems and can tell you what to do. This is something that many homeowners have no idea about. While we can mention so many different things, we looked at the most common signs that appear during inspections. These are the ones that you always need to know what they mean.

home inspection problems

Washing Machine Hose Bulge

This basically means that the hose is going to burst. Obviously, this can lead towards huge problems. You should see this as an emergency because of the fact that you never know when this hose is going to actually burst. Sooner or later it will fail completely.

What you instantly have to do is to turn off valves connected with the hose with bulge. Then, you have to replace the hose. Baided steel hoses are normally much better. Pressure gauges are also really good and can be attacked to the faucets. Rubber hoses should normally be removed anyway as they do not withstand pressure.

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Bath Fans Show Stains

This normally means that there is condensation that appears inside the air duct. It can be due to roof leaks. However, duct condensation is what normally happens. When you live in an area that has a colder climate, the bathroom air ends up condensing faster and then seeps back right inside the housing of the fan. Condensation can soak the entire drywall area and can ruin fan motor.

You need to check the housing inside and outside. Stuck dampers can cause condensation. Insulation has to be analyzed, especially when temperature gets colder inside the attic. When you have a cold duct that is filled with moist, warm air, condensation definitely appears. The good news is that all you have to do is to make sure that everything is isolated properly.

Chimney Brick Efflorescence

When you see this, a lot of moisture is present inside your chimney. As moisture moves through the masonry, efflorescence appears since moisture is picking up materials, then leaving them behind. While it is normal to have a little efflorescence present on chimneys, if the area is heavily affected, you want to be careful since the chimney can end up being destroyed without you realizing it. You can have flue lining that is broken or cracked.

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In this case the only thing that you have to do is contact a chimney professional. Make sure that he is licensed and certified. We are talking about serious repairs that have to be done.

Water Meters Do Not Stop

The problem in this case is that there is a leak somewhere. Make sure all the plumbing fixtures are turned off. If the water meters keep going, it is a certainty that you want to start looking for the leak. With indoor leaks there is normally an obvious sign that appears. Water stains that appear on ceilings or walls and even puddles indicate where the leak is present. The outdoor leaks normally leave the ground affected. Unfortunately, in this case you need a professional since such a leak will last years until it will actually damage the property.