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What Makes Two Storey Houses such an Attractive Option

Buying a house is one of the greatest dreams many people are hoping to achieve; to have a dwelling which truly belongs to them, a place they own and can call home. However, there are innumerable factors which need to be taken into consideration when buying a house, with one of the most important ones being to go for either one or two storey house plans. Naturally, whichever one you go for will depend on your personal situation and preferences, but objectively-speaking, there are plenty of advantages to buying a two story house over a single story, and what follows is an exploration of the most important ones.

What to do with all the Extra Space?

To begin with, the most obvious advantage a two-storey house has to offer is an increased amount of space, and we aren’t just talking about the addition of an extra floor. As it happens, two storey houses are generally bigger in every regard; there are more rooms (even bathrooms) and each one of them is bigger than if it would have been built in a single storey house. If you are planning on moving in with a big family then the extra space will certainly be much welcome for everyone will be able to have his or her own room, and that’s without even mentioning all the extra furniture space. It should even be added that in an overwhelming majority of cases, the yard also tends to be somewhat bigger for two storey homes, making it perfect for social gatherings.

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Two Storey House
By Michael Coghlan under CC BY-SA 2.0


A Greater Degree of Controlled Separation

If you are going to go for a two storey house, then you are also going to have a much easier time separating personal and communal living space, giving you more control over how you want to live your life, at least when inside the house. For instance, if your home is indeed built according to two storey house plans, you could make the second floor the one with all the bedrooms (private life), and then relegate the entire first floor of the house as living space, perhaps using the vacant rooms for guest boarding, or even transform them into playing areas.

A Few Drawbacks

Of course, nothing in life is perfect and this article would not be honest or complete without talking about the drawbacks of a two storey house. First of all, there are stairs, and they can be a bit of a problem if you don’t have a gate to keep your small children away from them, or if there are seniors living in the house who need to access to amenities on the second floor. Also, depending on the age of your house, sound may travel easily between the first and second floors.

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In the end, despite there being a couple of drawbacks to it, having a house with two floors is more advantageous than having only one of them. You get more of everything with two storey house plans, and the best part is that it will not cost you significantly more than the other alternative and if you happen to have a big family, then you’ll see that a one storey house simply won’t cut it.