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Converting A Loft On A Budget

Loft conversions are always great to get another bedroom but knowing what the correct conversion is will normally be quite difficult, especially when thinking about the budget. Most people do not have the money necessary to convert a loft or add that extra bedroom. When you have a loft that is not used as habitable space, various problems may appear, like having to increase floor thickness so that building regulations can be met.

Roof Lights Simple Loft Conversion

When you cannot create dormers in a narrow, tall loft, you may want to leave available roof space as an open-plan room, instead of using walls for divisions since that would cause the cramped feeling nobody really wants in any room. In most cases you would need to add insulation, refurbish what needs to be refurbished and then buy roof lights. If headroom is a problem, along ridge line you get a suitable height, with the rest becoming better suited for storage. Costs would be small since there would be no need to go through external works.

If you have enough roof space, you may also consider a bathroom addition. You would thus have a roomy, private and quite lighted area for bathing. Freestanding tubs can normally be added. Use low level storage when you can.

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Dormer Conversions – Part Width

A full width dormer is in many cases not wanted or not practical. This can be due to a lack of planning permission or because homeowners do not really like the larger dormers. If the full width option is not a possibility but there is a need to have more headroom, dormers could be created right around windows. This will maintain most of the original shape of the roof but will not add much full height space.

Low Level Roof Lights

There are many cases where a lot of dead space is present in a loft, being unused or just filled with different storage options. In the event you have somewhere else where you could store things, adding some low level roof lights can be the catalyst for a great loft conversion.

A Mezzanine Space

If you are looking for a dramatic effect, you can always open the ceiling for a double height space. That will offer much more light and dormers will become an option. Skylights can also be utilized for a similar effect. Renovation scale will largely depend on how high the ceiling is. When the room is tall or you just want to use visible eaves, everything will be much simpler from a structural point of view. When you have to remove ceiling in order to expose roof space, all becomes much more expensive.

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There are 2 reasons why creating the mezzanine makes sense. The first one is that you do not have enough roof space height from the floor to the ceiling to create the loft space without having to raise the roof. The second one is that the property features three sided sloping roofs. Building regulations have to be respected in both cases.

Rear Dormer Conversions

This is a highly popular way in which you can increase head height and usability in loft space. Generally the rear dormers are permitted because front roof slope will not change and most of the property will become unaltered. You would need enough space but when it is present, you can create a master suite that includes storage, staircase space and a bedroom. Offices can also be considered but both are possible in many situations. Checking for extra regulations that may exist in the area where the property is may be needed.