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3 Tips For Private Luxury In Your Own Home

Many people take a very pragmatic view of home improvements. They consider how much the cost of their projects will increase their home’s value, and they search high and low to find the best deals and stretch their budgets as far as possible. However, others take a different approach. They are more concerned about living in the house than selling it. For years people have been amazed at some of the incredible extravagances featured in the homes of the rich and famous, but today a mansion is no longer needed to enjoy elements of the celebrity lifestyle. Normal looking homes in ordinary suburban neighborhoods are starting to feature luxury touches that would have been considered outrageous just a few years ago.


A car elevator


car elevator
By Mattes via Wikimedia Commons


Fans of James Bond movies drool at the thought of pressing a button and watching their car emerge from the driveway. While this may seem like an unnecessary extravagance, a hydraulic car elevator can actually be practical. A home can be expanded, but the lot dimensions are fixed. Relocating a garage underground can free up valuable space that can be tuned into a home gym or movie theater. The lifts that these setups use are also finding their way indoors as people want items like pool tables or entertainment centers to rise from the floor in dramatic fashion. This is an improvement with a huge wow factor and is sure to impress your friends and the neighbors.

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A built in aquarium

There is nothing surprising about having a fish tank, but some people go an extra step and install a full on aquarium right in their living room. The cost of these living works of art can vary wildly depending on many factors, but the impact is stunning. Entire coral reef ecosystems can be observed from a living room chair, and the experience can be enhanced with custom lighting effects. The major drawback with this dynamic decoration is operating costs. Proper filtration systems and new fish stocks can eventually dwarf the initial investment, especially if you have an interest in exotic, hard to get fish.


A luxury Jacuzzi

Relaxing in a Jacuzzi after a hard day is an experience that millions cherish, but it does not have to be relegated to a small tub with jets in the bathroom. A luxury hot tub or Jacuzzi for 2 people can be the focal point of a room or deck, and can include luxury touches like chromatherapy lighting systems which can be adjusted for any mood, or built in speakers that will allow you to choose your favorite style of music. Jacuzzi styles range from classic designs featuring Edwardian claw feet to freestanding contemporary models with decorative wood or stone accents. You can incorporate the design of your jacuzzi with the part of your house that it resides and make things match up stylishly. The whirlpool jets can also be adjusted to change the strength and tempo of a relaxing, end-of-day hydro-massage.

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