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Custom Closet – make one to suit your needs

Closets are no more an aristocratic furniture seen either in a royal palace or in a gorgeous showroom. They have become common in our apartments and people all over the world are ordering for them to save both space and time. Basically, a closet is a small and enclosed space, a cabinet, or a cupboard found in rooms. Closets are used for general storage or hanging clothes. Special type of closet is made for storing food and they are usually found in pantry. These days, the latest of its category, called custom closet is rapidly gaining popularity both in urban and downtown locality. They are made to meet the necessity of home-owners. Utilizing space and saving time are the main objectives behind its invention.


Earlier the term closet refers to a small private room, installed behind a bedroom, to which a person could retire, for privacy, reading, or enjoyment of personal works of art. People used to consider it as a large wardrobe in which a person can enter and change dress. Closets were made to keep the clothes, jewelry, accessories inside a hide out. Custom closet is its latest form which is not confined only in bedrooms, but it can be installed in kitchens, in library, in offices and even in showrooms. People prefer to install custom closets as it offers multi-purpose uses and store things in a small place, in short a compact storage space with state-of-the-art decor!

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Latest custom closets can be built into the walls of the house as well. Home-owners need to confirm it before contractors finalize the plan for the particular room or space. Doing this, one can make the closet class-apart from being common storage furniture designed for clothing, which would look like a wardrobe or armoire. Interior designers often suggest making custom closets under stairs to utilize the unused space properly. Professional interior designers are adept in space utilization. They will make the carpet area free from congestion and use height of the room in a particular space. They try to keep things in an organized way by building coupes and boxes of different sizes in a closet.


New Jersey is a highly developed city of U.S. and it has no dearth of reputed interior designers. Among the most trusted brands here, Ridgewood Closets are extremely popular since 1998. This manufacturer excels in turning the unused space into decorative custom closets to meet the necessity. They have been doing this with the help of highly qualified and experienced staff. Be it is for storing, stacking, organizing or hiding, it is individually designed and created only for that particular home by Ridgewood. From closets to garages, their melamine and wood craftwork is done with the help of latest 3-D visualization technology and tested materials. The best way to get an idea of their work is to visit their office at Saddle Brook. The place is easily accessible from all parts of the city as it is positioned at 280 North Midland Ave. Else one can easily visit their website or can call them at their helpline number for any kind of query. Rest assured, they will make most of your money’s worth!

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