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How Much Does It Cost To Paint And Trim?

Various cheap home improvements are available, as we always mentioned in the past. We will now give you another interesting example of that in a trim and paint project that you can so easily start right now, costing under $400, which is much less than you would imagine.

paint and trim

You just have to add 2 trim lines, a crown molding and a chair rail. This offers a great framework to use for a 2 color wall paint job combination, making redecorating much faster than you initially thought. In order to have a perfect color impact, you need to paint the trim. That would simplify installation. Perfect joints do not have to be cut because just a small quantity of filler and some paint will make the entire room look crisp and sharp. It is always possible to use materials that are less expensive.

We are talking about a combination that would be perfect in a room that has a minimum of 4-1/2 inches tall baseboards. If the baseboard that you have is narrower, replace it or simply think about a different technique to decorate your walls. New chair rail of 60 to 70 percent of baseboard width is needed. 2 piece combos that would mimic windowsill and apron will help the most. If not possible, use a trim that is similar to window trip. Center chair rails around one third of the height of the wall. Crown molding of around 40% of baseboard width is best.

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You want to find the colors that work really well with the furnishings inside the room. This can be a little challenging. Look at magazines for such combinations. Also, paint manufacturers often showcase how colors work. If you have no idea what to choose, take many photos of the rooms you want to paint and work with your paint dealer for perfect combinations. Samples are available for you to try before committing to larger quantities.

Make sure that you prepaint your trim and that you then paint walls before the trim is put up. Afterward, touch ups are needed. The cost would only be at around $180 for 6 gallons. You would also end up paying around $200 for the rest. The entire project can be completed in around 3 days.