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Design Ideas For Black And White Kitchens

There is no way to deny the fact that black and white kitchens are highly attractive and elegant. The problem is that it is difficult to find that perfect balance that offers both clear design and the sense of space you surely want.


black and white kitchen design
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Black And White Interior Design

Many really inspired designers managed to come to the table with interesting contrasting color based designs but the most popular combination is that of black and white. It is classic but has a huge design diversity in the sense that is perfect for any room and any design project you might have.

Although the result is stunning, the truth is that black and white kitchens are quite rare. That is mostly because of the way in which the color black is seen by homeowners. When you use this contrast, we are faced with dominance in the color black in most cases and the truth is that this is not necessarily a good idea.

As a simple rule of thumb, make sure that black is only used as the dominant color when referring to large kitchens. When you have a small kitchen, you should either use many different lighting options or the classic white-top black-bottom combination.

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Some Simple Black And White Kitchen Design Ideas

It is no secret that most designers prefer white interiors due to the dominance of avant-garde, hi-tech, minimalistic design trends. We have to say that it is quite a good idea to shift the focus towards white as the dominant color in the kitchen. This automatically makes the entire area whiter and the black underlines will basically offer the depth that you need to make the room attractive. Take everything one step further and go for grey shades in order to provide an even smoother contrast between the opposite colors.

Using other colors is also something that you want to take a look at. The black and white kitchens may seem a little dull for some people, especially if the homeowners really love to have color in their lives. However, even they will appreciate it when various textures and colors are added to the classic black and white design since such additions automatically stand out.

You can easily use colored lights in order to put an interesting focus on both white and black elements and the modern kitchen already includes different backlighting options for practical reasons. The use of the colored light is particularly recommended when black is chosen as the dominant color. With white based designs, you can focus on silver elements to obtain a stunning effect.

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Striking A Color Balance

A huge mistake that some people make is opting for black and white in the same percentage. This is not a good idea since the result will not be attractive. Before you even begin work on your redesign project, it is important to choose one of the two colors as a dominant. That is what will dictate everything else and what will help you to end up with the stunning result you surely want.

Although black and white kitchens do look simple to the naked eye, that is what effect is offered if the project is properly undertaken. Most people see the combination as something that is particularly simple but that is definitely not the case. Regular design rules need to be respected and you need to showcase a style in order to come up with wonderful rooms.