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Finding the Perfect Kitchen Worktop for your Kitchen

When finding the perfect kitchen worktop there many elements to consider. First you need to consider your budget; second you consider the look such as colour and texture then lastly think about maintenance cost. You may wish to get a kitchen worktop that compliments your cabinets or get a contrasting one.

Look out for the thickness and depth of the kitchen worktop before purchasing. Combining thicker profiles with thinner surfaces creates definition and can be employed to distinguish different working zones. With contemporary materials like silestone extra thicker islands and peninsular units can be made. These are ideal for accommodating current downdraft extractors creating a streamlined appearance.

Get a kitchen worktop with varied heights. This provides both practical and aesthetic benefits. It requires good planning and the skills of an expert kitchen designer and fitter. It is essential to have the appropriate height for various tasks. The typical height is intended to both work and cook at.

You can consider mix and matching. This is a growing trend that adds interest and texture to schemes. It also helps reduce kitchen worktop expenses. For instance, granite worktops are very expensive, hence adding wood sections will add feature in the scheme and make it more affordable.
Always employ an expert fitter regardless of your worktop costs. If it is installed and designed poorly, the result will look cheap and scruffy. Give the fitter enough time to finish the job and ensure you request for drainer grooves near the sink.

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Below are some kitchen worktop designs you can choose from;


Granite worktops are the most popular as they tend to be strong and lasting. Keen cooks prefer granite worktops because its cold surface is ideal for pastry making. Since its natural stone every slab of granite is unique thus expect distinct veining and colour. It also requires good care since it can scratch and stain easily. Ensure that you utilize chopping boards for prepping.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is the best choice for a professional kitchen due to its hygienic and durability properties. It best is used near the sink and all food preparation sections. You can choose classic or contemporary look or combine with different textures to make it look smooth.


Wood worktops are best for warmth and both classic and modern kitchens. Choose oak, maple or beech for a classic style. For a contemporary look consider bamboo or wenge. Exotic wood species for instance zebrano could be used to create a spectacular design with its rich, complicated grain. Since it’s made from natural material, each piece will have different grain and tone. Wood needs more high maintenance compared to other materials since it needs oiling regularly.

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Laminate Worktops

Laminate worktops designs comes different designs and colours. They are for general usage comprising food preparations sections, sink runs and near hobs and cookers. It can perfectly mimic other kitchen worktop materials such as granite, wood or slate to fit modern and conventional schemes. Laminate worktops are very affordable and lasting. Require low maintenance cost. It is resilient to most stains and chemicals. It is not appropriate as a cutting surface.