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Eliminate the Unnecessary Stresses of Relocation

Interstate moving is incredibly stressful and it can consume most of your family’s time. Some unnecessary hassles may be avoided by getting organised. You’ll simply need toprepare well before the address switch happens. Below are some things to consider when you’re planning on moving to another home. Learn how to make your move quick and painless.


1.       Tell everyone you know about your new address

There are situations where a relative or someone important visits your old address when you have already moved to your new house. You might also not receive the prescription from your medical practitioners who don’t know your new address. It is necessary to notify every one of your new address and contact information. Here are some examples of people to notify:

  • Physician
  • Neighbours
  • Office supervisor
  • School principal
  • Friends

You should also change the records listed within your financial services. This includes your bank and insurance company.


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2.       Make a checklist

Being organised and knowing what will happen on the day of the move can help everyone with moving to a new address. A checklist can help list down important tasks, which will be discussed within this article. You can also use the checklist to track down every belonging within the house and check if you might miss them when you start moving out.

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3.       Arrange your utilities and services

There is nothing more frustrating than receiving an electricity bill from your old address after you have settled into your new home. This situation can be avoided by making arrangements with all of your utility companies as well as your other services, including your cable, broadband and newspaper or magazine subscriptions. You can have all of the services transferred to your new address if applicable or have them disconnected within the date of your move. You can also start looking up other similar services available within your new address which may have a much better rate than the previous company you are currently signed up to.


4.       Determine the order of removal of furniture

By knowing the order of removal of furniture, you can essentially save time, effort and money. Moving furniture on the day when the removalists arrives without any plan can be an incredible hassle. It may result with everyone moving every object twice in order to transfer them onto the truck or vehicle. Planning the removal of all the belongings can minimise the duration and work done by the removalists.

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5.       Make the ride fun

Your family might not be having the time of their life as you drive away from your old home. Take this opportunity to lift their mood by visiting any interesting establishment you come across during the drive. Let them order any fast-food restaurant they want or let them have control of the car radio. Having happy passengers instead of gloomy or detached ones can make your move less stressful.

Remember to stay organised in removing your personal belongings and to notify everyone of where you will be moving to.  Following these tips above can you help you achieve a stress-free move. You can also seek some advices from professional interstate removalist when it comes to packing and transporting your bleongings. Enjoy your move!