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How to Give Your Home an Autumn Makeover

As the weather turns colder our thoughts turn to interior design as we try to capture the best of Autumn inside. Crisp golden leaves, fresh country air, spices and hot toddies and fires inside and out all capture the autumn essence.

This year there are a few colours and trends that make turning your home into an autumn wonderland simple. You can easily create a fresh fall look on a small budget with a little help from the different brands on the market.

Don’t be Blue

This year’s biggest colour trend has been teal as it has adorned kitchen appliances, bedding, furnishings and furniture since the end of spring. It’s still in high demand which is ideal for an autumn colour scheme as it pairs perfectly with a palette of autumn colours.

Autumn Makeover at home
By Peter Dutton under CC BY 2.0

For instance, if you have a teal duvet cover, consider adding some fire orange cushions or a fluffy golden brown bed runner. You can add tie backs using autumn colours to teal curtains while teal walls will be instantly updated with a golden stencil or wall motif.

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Colours that blend perfectly with teal include:

  • Oranges
  • Yellows
  • Browns
  • Creams
  • Black

In a nutshell, all the colours of the autumn rainbow.

Bring the Outside In

Shabby Chic is still a hot trend in 2013 which is great as it’s a look that’s so easy to replicate. Many people will pick flowers from the garden for summer vases yet when autumn arrives they fail to see the potential outside. Twigs and evergreen branches look great in jam jars or jugs and bring the outside in. To add extra intrigue, gather a bunch, tie with a ribbon or spray individually.

Introduce Winter White

Autumn colours are by their very nature deep and rich, rusty reds, deep burnt sienna and woodland greens are all heavy and warm. Break it up with accents of white, using vases, ornaments or a touch of wall art, this will highlight the individual colours.

Feel the Season

A huge part of autumn is the texture. Textiles such as hessian and voile all play a huge part in making the ideal autumn home. The trick is to take the room back to nature with a variety of furnishings and ornaments that look as though they’ve endured the least man made intervention before making it into your home.

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Wooden table lamps, coasters and shelves all add to the feel while this season wicker and jute are big news. Use wicker baskets in a natural colour for storage, jute bags for shopping and consider curtains that have a textured finish in browns or gold.

The impression of warmth also involves texture, such as fluffy throws for the sofa, chocolate suede beanbags and even a pile of freshly chopped logs in the corner.


When we consider the lighting of autumn we picture a golden sunset with a luminescent glow. You can recreate this and add softness to a room by replacing lamp bulbs with yellow, orange or peach bulbs. These will give the impression of warmth much like a fire does for very little cost and if your walls are neutral they can change the whole appearance of an entire room.