By Adrian Cruce

How To Repair A Dent In A Steel Door

A steel door is definitely not cheap so when a dent appears, most people believe that the repair would be really expensive. This is not actually the case. In most situations a homeowner can actually repair the dent on his own. The process is actually really similar to how you would fill out a dent or a hole that appears in a car. Those people working at the body shop will do the same thing, just as the repairman that you call to take care of your steel door.

You can repair the dent in your steel door without taking it out but it is always much easier when it lies flat on some sawhorses.

steel door

Step 1 – Removing Paint

The first thing that you have to do is remove a paint area that is larger than what the damaged area is by around 2 inches. Use a sander to remove the paint while utilizing 60 or 80 grit paper. In order to do the job faster, you can use a smaller wire wheel that has a drill.

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In the event that the damage is too close to the bottom of your steel door, you can just not repair and then cover everything with the use of a kick plate made out of metal. The kick plates are of around 8 inches wide and the length can cover a standard door.

Step 2 – Applying Filler

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Use auto body filler (you can find it in home centers and hardware stores) to fill the dent or hole. Use a piece of hardwood or plywood to mix the filler on with one resin scoop and hardener. You have to mix these two components properly since when resin is unmixed, it will not harden properly. This leaves out a huge mess. Use a putty knife made out of plastic to mix the components.

In order to apply the knife, use a putty knife made out of metal. It needs to be wider than the area that is affected. Your filler will quickly harden so you need to work really fast. Fill the flush with the surrounding surface and never overfill it. Do not try to smooth out any imperfections after the filler starts to harden. It is easier to add a filler coat when compared to sanding off a hump.

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Step 3 – Painting

Wait for the filler to completely harden. This should take around half an hour. After that, sand the area. Prime the repair and you can use paint to cover. Make sure that you only cover the primer. If the new paint does not perfectly match the steel door, you will need to repaint it completely.