By Adrian Cruce

How To Take Care Of Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is not as easy to take care of as you may initially imagine. This is definitely something that you have to understand. It is easier than with other flooring options but this does not actually mean that you will not be able to succeed on the long run. Just make sure that you are patient and that you take into account the following and you will know all the basics of taking care of hardwood flooring.

Always Tread Lightly

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Some people will actually enforce a no shoes policy even if this is not actually necessary. What you have to do is avoid the situations in which you would end up damaging surface, like when wearing high heels. Remember that furniture can easily scratch wood so pads should be put on the bottoms on table legs and chairs. Doormats should be put near the entrance in order to make sure that dirt is kept out, together with salt and sand. Most of the damage to hardwood floors comes from debris that gets stuck to shoes.

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Temperature Requirements

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Temperature settings are really important for all hardwood floors, with the ideal one being around sixty to eight Fahrenheit. The humidity level should be under 50% and over 30%. A really good thermostat can be quite useful every single day of the year. When these conditions are maintained, you basically reduce the possibility of ending up with buckling and plans that gap. While slight heat fluctuations are normal, fast temperature changes can drastically hurt the floor.

Control Dust Removal

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Debris does tend to negatively affect the sheen of a floor. Vacuum or sweep twice per week. You can also use a microfiber mop that has PH-neutral cleaner on it once per 7 days. Homemade solutions are pretty good and you can find many recipes based on water and vinegar on the internet. Make sure that you avoid absolutely all the products that claim to polish, rejuvenate or shine since they usually include additives that will damage hardwood flooring. This includes acrylic wax, which is really common and will create buildups.

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Professional Cleaning

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If the hardwood flooring is properly maintained, there is a pretty good possibility that you will never need to replace anything. Most of the hardwood floors that are installed properly are currently older than 100 years, which is quite impressive and highlights how durable this option can be. However, you may want to talk to professionals and get some help if there is a lot of traffic in the area where it is installed. Sanding once around 10 years is definitely a good idea.