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How to keep your home well organized and clean

Regardless of how small or big your house is, it is extremely important for you to make sure that it is kept well organized, neat and clean so that you can ensure a very healthy environment at your home and keep it highly functional.

In order to organize your home to increase its functionality, first you need to divide the place into several sections. Then take one spot at a time. While deciding which area of your house you are going to organize first, prioritize based on the usage of each section. Say for instance, if you are a stay home mom who loves spending a whole lot of time cooking, maybe the kitchen should come on top of the list.

Once all the sections are identified and ranked according to their priority, it’s time to start organizing. While taking care of a specific part of your house, identify the most important things that you need from that area. You should keep them in such a way so that they can be accessed easily. Going through all the stuff, you will find some items that are completely useless that should have been thrown away a long time ago (happens with me all the time!). Simply get a box to pile them up; their next stop will be the dumpster. You will also find some items that you don’t need any more but others will be happy to have. Get a separate box for those.

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The best way of organizing the items is by using containers or organizers. For instance, instead of piling up your DVDs here and there, you can always keep them in holders by categorizing them. For important documents, receipts and bills, make separate files and keep them in a cabinet. Using the organizers will definitely help you to find simply anything you need within less than a minute.


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When it comes to cleaning your house within a short period of time, first you need to make sure that you are armed with all the necessary equipments. You will need a dry cloth, duster and a vacuum cleaner.

Always start from one corner of a room and make it through to the other end by moving clock-wise. Dust each and every open surface carefully and dump the dust on the floor. You should use a long-armed duster to dust wall arts as well as the mirror to make it quick.

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Now it’s time to vacuum the room. I prefer a robotic vacuum cleaner for a quick cleaning. The fact that he is cleaning carpet while you are dusting makes your cleaning more effective. If you have regular cleaner, start vacuuming from the back corner of a room and make it towards the door. Run it through each spot just once, it will be sufficient.

While cleaning your kitchen, at first take little time to remove the clutters by placing them in the cabinet. Locate the hard stains and get rid of them. Then use a wet cloth to clean the counter tops from back to front. You should use a damp cloth to clean the dishwasher, fridge and stove. At the end, sweep the floor from one corner and make your way out. After that, use a dampened microfiber to mop the floor by following the same direction.