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How to Make Your Table More Welcoming After Moving to a New Place As You Use the Energy of Feng Shui

People look for the positive in every change. Moving is a great opportunity to organize your new place in a better way and to make the dinning table more welcoming, especially when you have small children, who are always running around and refusing to eat. Every mother knows that this is an unfair fight, and when you have more than two children, you are bound to lose.

It is logical to try and search for a solution in every way possible. The new home is a great opportunity for this. In case you have tried everything else, you can turn to the Eastern wisdom and see what it recommends. The Feng Shui system of organizing the space  can give you many answers. If you follow these simple tips, you will be surprised how attractive the dinning room will be for the family and you won’t have to yell many times util the whole family comes for dinner or lunch.

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The chi can be your greatest friend. To attract it in the kitchen or the dinning room, you have to be sure you have picked a place to move to with at least one window, which will let light inside. Make sure that you do not leave too many windows uncovered because the rushing chi is not a good idea either.

Whenever choosing the furniture for the room, you need to do it as if you are opening a restaurant in your house, which means that it requires many efforts and thinking. Combine the colors, materials and fabrics, and pick colors that can bring relaxation and calm feeling, like the green and the skin shades, which are closer to the natural.

As with any restaurant, maintaining the room clean and tidy is very important. Nobody will sit and eat in a dirty and messy kitchen.

Pay special attention to the details, like light, floors and draperies. The wooden floor is the best choice you can make. It brings out the natural look. The light should be controlled with a dimmer. This will help you adjust it inside the room according to the outdoor conditions and the time of day.

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When you are designing the draperies inside the kitchen or the dinning room, you have to follow the rule not to cover the whole window. This will both slow down the chi and allow you some privacy at the same time, which the open and uncovered windows will not give to the house. Be sure you have picked nice accessories to decorate the space. Since every space requires special decorations, the choices are relatively personal and need to be made on your own. And if you need some help in terms of decorating, don’t hesitate to consult a professional.